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10 August 2009

Have you Met the Sexy MSN?

Someone added me on msn few days ago, but never initiate to chat with me.
So I started a conversation today and feel weird since "her" first reply
It won't be Megan =)
How many of you attracted by this photo to read this post? ;p

The conversation of "her" already being set up and no matter what your question is "she" will reply you with what she want to tell you *click this picture for larger view*

So now we have MSN robot that will add us up and promote their LiveCam site.
I guess it could be a scam site. So please dun visit ya.
What's next? MSN robot ask you to support ISA?
It won't work ;p

Today were suppose to be ruumz finale post but haven't finish upload the video.
So...stay tuned~

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