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07 August 2009

Envie Club With A Little Surprise!

Just back from Envie Club and I like their dance floor
Which was mentioned it cost RM250k++

Tried Tuborg for the first time and also two of the cocktails
Whisky & Vodka Cocktail

Met up Qi and Julie too
Qi is tall and Julie is a belle =)

So what are the surprise?
Starting from this month I will start guest blogging at LG Blog =)
This is a very new and great thing happening to me!
I gotta improve my English writing so that I won't "downgrade" LG Blog

So please feel free to drop by LG Blog as a support ya!

Where as for my own blog I seriously need to improve it's outlook.
It looks really messy now....

I also need a good rest to have a healthier skin.
So... Good nightz~ ^@^

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