iTalk Party Launch with BunkFace | Borneo RainForest

Early in April (7th), I was invited along many other bloggers to attend iTalk Whoa Party at Borneo Rainforest , Sunway. This event is kinda short compared to others. However, they did provide lots of food for us, platform for online iTalk Whoa registration , have some fun games and BunkFace was there to perform live. What best is to able to meet bloggers from both Nuffnang + Advertlets. This has already become a rare scene that I can see in one same place. How I wish there are more event like this, bloggers gathered together by not differentiating each other in which gang +++ Jeremy Kung , CEO of TM was having his birthday celebration that night. *He looks like a rock star singer to me.* Kylie Chapman, a pretty host for the night There are really tons of foods provided inside. With just salad you can already get full. Too bad I am not herbivore that night. I actually prefer more to the desserts corner than others *Actually you can hardly see what are the food as it is kinda dark ins

"Keep on Believing", she said

Greetings! :) I obviously do not belong here, neither am I the rightful owner of this domain. I strongly doubt that any of you would know who I am; heck lets just see if you can recognize a similar or particular style even if I'm not exactly where I'm supposed to be. To be very honest,I'm not exactly sure if I'm suppose to write more about myself or the author. Take a seat back now. :) I've always wondered how would it be like to throw yourself out to be in a place where you're often exposed to chances of being judged for what you write,and most importantly about your personal opinion in things. There was this one point in time when I did feel a tad bit upset about how some of the many things that I've written sort of threw me into this dark corner where people don't quite agree with what you think. Well folks, that's one of the downside of being a blogger. Its all about finding the essence of making you what you are, the person and the

Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair [Extreme Photo Post]

Introducing the blogger Simon Meow Seow ! This picture will be used as 招财猫 for this blog post =) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ At last I am sharing Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair memories/experiences/photos. So basically this is an event organized by both Nuffnang and Gatsby @ TimeSquare to gather up more than 500 bloggers to be at the same event. Why? Because we are going to be in Malaysia's Book Record ! *congratz* Between I am the 64th blogger who attend to this event. Kinda early right? During the event we are given all day long to play the street games and get as much game point as we can to redeem Gatsby's Product [Including their famous Moving Rubber Hair Styling product, Facial care, and their new categories the Perfume Deodorant ]. There are certain games that is really really easy to play, you just have to find the right one to earn fast "money". Shall I start my long photo stories? Wern is there with her sis Robb with the loud speak