Letter - Angela Aki | 手紙--給十五歲的自己

Today wanna share a positive Japanese song by Angela Aki which called the Letter . You might not understand the Japanese but there are meaningful Chinese lyrics for you to see. Trust me, after you listen you will feel better even when you are very down. =) Letter by Angela Aki | 手紙--給十五歲的自己 Look at the brightside people!! Keep on believing!!

RedNinja Wiki Lee with AIDSaware by ruumz

Just now attended a wedding photography seminar RedNinja by WikiLee and before that we were introduced with Ruumz's AIDSAware Campaign . Choose one message to share Then take photo together to create awareness. Jojo Struys done that in her recent blog post too. Woot we have the same message =D Had fun listening to Wiki's talk as he taught us to be special, unique, stand out and be ahead of something. Most important is you must know what's your passion and get your own style. Can this be one of my style? You need to be unique to be easily recognized like the BIG Guy above in ruumz . I would like to thanks CK and ruumz for the invite and hope for more event~! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Was suppose to share about Gatsby Deodorant event but there are too many photo to be posted up. So wait for next post~! Sleepzzzz.....

Warning! Acid Rain! Alert or Hoax?

Dark Circle appeared around the moon = Acid Rain? Subject: Fw: Acid rain alert Hi Be careful from the 20th to 28th of this month, There is possibility of an ACID RAIN. The dark circle appeared around the moon on 17th of last month and this is an indication of Acid Rain. Apparently this happens once in 750 years. It rains like normally but It may cause skin cancer if you expose yourself to it. So ALERT your dear ones. This information is from NASA . DO NOT neglect. Plz Forward this to your friends, Better to be cautious than sorry. Have you received forwarded email about this acid rain warning? I have even receive SMS from a caring friend. "从今天到二十八号,请大家不要淋雨。七百五十年一次的酸雨,被淋到后患皮肤癌的机率很高。请大家注意!也把信息发给身边的朋友。。。谢谢!" Basically the SMS above is also to alert us and becareful of rain starting today till 28th of April. I start seeing friends sharing this news in Facebook and did a little research on this "warning". Actually, the dark circles around the mo

My Dream Destination

After I watched the first episode of Love In Seoul I kinda fell in love with Korea. Travel to there would be a place for me to gain new exposure on different culture and learn new stuff =) This is a story about Nicholas Teo , a photojournalist doing a travelogue about Seoul's point of interest and met a girl named Kim ( Belinda Chee ). Okay la that is just one of the small reason, actually I do attracted by a special place in Seoul. A place where you can see the c o l o u r f u l fountain playing with water shooting out from side of the bridge. Here is one of the photo I manage to find. I have mentioned before in My Top 5 Treat List , I would like to go to Korea the country that is so colourful especially the Banpo bridge. Banpo Fountain Bridge in Seoul Here is a video for that beautiful night scene: I've seen the contest that was organized by MAS and "Go Travel", but I kinda miss the chance to travel with Natalie XiaoYu . However, thank

A Search Stories for Nuffnang & Gastby on NST

Still remember the first time I manage to make money online with Nuffnang. Here is my 1st Cheque from Nuffnang . So this time I would like to use Google Search Stories to make a video to thanks Nuffnang . One of the way on how to make money online with Nuffnang If you happen to be a Twitterer, you can start earning money online too, just start it with ChurpChurp ~! Read more about it here. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I would like to share an online news from NewsStraitTime [NST] about the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair . If you happen to be there, I guess you can spot yourself in the below photo =) KUALA LUMPUR: Over 500 bloggers made history at the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair recently by forming the "Largest Bloggers Gathering" and leaving their mark in the Malaysia Book of Records. The bloggers of Nuffnang Malaysia, Asia Pacific's first and leading blog advertising community, turned up in full force for the fun-fi

Genting Highland & KilKenny [Not KennySia] + Need Support

Sharing a little bit about what I've done today. 7am in the morning went to friend house and we all hang out together heading to Genting Highland . [Yes I am not working now and that's why I don't have Monday Blue *evil*] It is true that Genting is not that cold anymore, no more "mist" coming out from my mouth... Went into Casino and was asked for IC *wink* but didn't gamble as I know I don't really have luck on it. Realized that people can easily lose/win money in just a bet. Just witness a guy loss RM500 in one try. But I haven't seen someone like HuaiBin , who really dare to bid in large amount. Me, PickSan, ChunJin , YanTing and Kelvin *Free advertising for Starbuck summore* Went to the garden and saw some bugs mating in group. Seems like the mating season has arrived. It is really fun to just hanging out with friends and talking about nonsense. It is the moment that we spend together that makes it worth. Feeling really good and must thank C

F1 Petronas GrandPrix 2010 Race Preparation | Sepang Circuit [Malaysia]

F1 Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix Today I would like to share what you can see from the F1 GrandStand area. Before that I would like to thank LG again for the ticket and hospitality provided. If you've missed my previous post about Wonder Girls at LG Technologies Design Center , click on the link and read it now~! You will know how much is a GrandStand ticket too. This is the entrance Everyone is going to their seats now You can buy your foods from the inside but it is not cheap Chicken Rice at RM15 A bunch of Ferrari fans sitting under the tree eating and resting At GrandStand area you can see the prize giving platform from far and ALL Racing car s gathered at one spot. Took a picture with the background Every car team including the Redbull bring in all the stuff they need for the race. Each car team has a pretty lady standing for them. They need to smile whenever cameraman want to take their picture, under the hot sun some more! I hope they have enough suns