Company's Annual Dinner [Part 2]

Continue from Company Annual Dinner @ Bukil Jalil Golf Club ~ I would like to mention this again... Datuk Chang was singing with the GORGEOUS MTV cast there ;p I guess it is 70's song. After that, Game 3 is started "Blow, Step, Pick!" What you actually need to do is to blow a lot of balloons, tighten it on one person's leg and ask your partner to step on others balloons while protecting your partner's ballons from being stepped. Then, remember to collect the "PointS" Paper from the balloons you stepped Collected highest point is the winner ;p *Instruction with picture* First, prepare balloons for your partner. Then get a pose for photo shooting. After that, start the war! "I step yours, but you can't step mine!" There is actually an expert balloons protector and he is the winner. But suddenly he slipped on the floor ;p This one is Game 4 - "Musical Chair" The most aggressive game 32 people were fighting for 25 chairs And

Company's Annual Dinner @ Bukit Jalil Golf Club

Last Thursday was our company and sister company's Annual Dinner. The company included are, "The Origin Food", "Easy-Phamax", "Blue Ocean", "IBG", "Hopematic", "Hewo","", "Mega Bio" and "INS Bioscience". The dinner was organized at Bukit Jalil Golf Club, we arrive early with our IBG "Mascot" It is actually a lab glove initially used for game events. In the end become the IBG Mascot wearing Hat ;p Pei Ying with our Production WorkerS This is the "little boy" working as Chemist in IBG and he is a community member for the games event. Before we all go into the dinner hall, group photo was taken. My colleague was on the phone serving customer. Hardworking! Ji Siang, Pei Ying + Me Another group photo on the stairs The good friend buddy pose Woei Chung with all the prizes for us to win Pei Ying + Wei Ying Me + Pei Ying + Wei Ying A guy that wishe

My Antique Monitor In the Office

This is my office table. It looks antique and complicated but yet very functionable. I am using a new CPU paired with 80's Monitor. It is ruining my eyes so I need an eye chart to do eye test randomly Between, since I am working with microbes, daily observation is required for some sample, so there are a few bottles of samples under my observation. And since sometimes working is stressful, Inspiration List is a must to make you work harder. Besides, my office has been decorated with CNY stuff since last week. Chinese New Year Card all the way sticked on the wall ;p Why do I post this up? As I am participating the "Office Environment Blog Contest " by Mark Lee Below are some of the comic drew by him Sure you are familiar with it ;p 《光阴似箭赶赶赶》 < > And somehow this chart fit my company ~ So, for those who are a Wretch Blog User please feel free to vote for the best picture ;p No. 21 and No. 24 is my favourite. See here! ~.~.~.~.~ What is this? This is actuall