Congratz! You won!

Today after work, went to the Carefour near Bukit Jalil to meet my friends. After I parked my car and walk along the road to Carefour. A young salesmen come and tell me to do a "lucky draw". First, he asked me to sign on the back of a sealed lucky draw paper. To prove that it is mine. Then, he told me if inside is green/yellow color, you get discount for some electronic devices. But what I found out is silver colour. So, I asked him what happen now. Then, the drama started. He start looks so "gan jiong" and told me that the silver color means you won some prizes and are eligible to go for a further lucky draw which might help you win a car! He called his boss and tell me all I need to do is to go to their office for second "lucky draw" session and to receive the price I won All I need to do is to take photo with the prizes and the people for posted on newspaper. I asked him to show me the prove then he showed me old newspaper about the winners. The funn

3kingdom @ KLCC PC Fair

One of the thing happened in the PC fair. I was asked to register an account for this new web-based online game “热血三国” and get free RM10 reload card for the game. Since it is free, so I just give it a try. That is the pretty girl in PC Fair that asked me to register. Here is my opinion after played the game Server slow Bandwidth congested I was like playing old-time PC games which is still in 2D mode. If you wan to win in this game, you need to invest... If you like 三国, you might fell in love with this game I am not going to play this game anymore because I don't know much about 三国 and most important thing is their server lagging all the time even it is Malaysia server. Seems like there are more web-based online game existed. For those who interested. Please visit

Play Station Portable(PSP) 1000/2000

Tired today ~~ Yesterday went to 数 码 城 D i g i t a l M a l l in Petaling Jaya with Marccus To look for SONY Video Cam's battery and current price for PSP Ground floor selling mostly gadgets, 1st Floor selling PC stuff, 2nd Floor selling PSP/XBOX/PC stuff, while 3rd Floor is a Computer Market selling various kind of PC stuff. Forgot the shop's name Only know that it get into Malaysia's Record as the biggest PC shop The current price for PSP 2000 is RM 920+/- While PSP 3000 is RM 790+/- Forgot to ask for PSP 1000's price...~ Anyhow, they are bloody expensive! Some PSP can be modified while some cannot PSP 1000 is Fat while PSP 2000/3000 is Slim And the price can be a big difference Which one should I prefer? PSP 1000/2000? Haven't compare with market price at LowYat... Seems like I need to wait until CNY for some extra Angpao money And save up more money from my poor salary And...Looking at the brightside, hoping Santa heard my wish? Haha! I am ha

Melaka Travel by Melaka's Kakiis [2]

Due to my amnesia symptom, I left my camera in Jia Xian's car for a night I only noticed that I when i wake up on the next day~! Probably yesterday Melaka Night Trip too exhausting... Luckily my camera doesn't attract any thief/snatcher. It survive and I able to get it back Since we need to meet, while Jia Xian's friend want to visit Daytime Melaka He invited me to join the "Daylight Melaka Trip" For sure I participated since nothing to do at home also. Grandparents go holiday at Singapore (And Singaporean come to Melaka pulak) First stop, we want to meet with Jia Xian's ex-working buddy and friends At the Famous Chicken Rice Ball Shop - 中华茶室(海南鸡饭) First time saw the long queue extending to the bridge outside of the shop This Chicken Rice Shop is just beside the Jonker Street's entry So, go to this shop if you want tastier Chicken Rice compared to another Chicken Rice Shop located in the middle of the Jonker Street That day Jonker Street also &quo

Melaka Travel by Melaka's Kakiis

Probably this event was held on 6th of December Since Jia Xian is bringing his friend to Melaka's POI (Point of interest) We decided to meet at “Restaurant Satay Celup BAN LEE SIANG” It become more famous until “Restoran Satay Celup ZAO JIUU (潮州)” open beside it So, for those who can't find this BAN LEE SIANG, just look for their neighbour big signboard "ZAO JIUU" Basically I'm not sure which shop is better as I haven't eat at "ZAO JIUU" before BUT BAN LEE SIANG would not be a bad choice. Just look at the crowds waiting for seats... Jian Song , Yong Liang , Ming Wei arrived first and followed by Jia Xian and his friend cK . It is abit different compared to last time I eat Satay Celup. This time the "basic foods" will be serve to us while special/ additional satays can obtained from two other fridges. Have you seen before the "Satay Celup Bowl"? This is where we dip our foods inside and... I wonder how many people's s