ING Seminar @ BonTon Restaurant

On 12th of October, Me + Marccus + Pei Ying was invited by Nicole to attend an ING seminar. Thanks to Nicole for inviting us ;p The seminar talk was located at Bon Ton Restaurant which is kind classy and a good place to go at night. ING Annual Income Climate Structured Fund Marccus is doing the BMI + BodyFat + Body Age test. Look how happy he is ;p Because his body age is 19~ Whereas for me my body is older than my real age...Sigh After the seminar talk , we did our blood test using microscope and this is the Dr. who operate the microscope and do the test. He is always starting his talk with this before doing test for the person. "You know? Your blood is the river of your life!" The funniest thing happened is that the Dr. scare the girl will feel pain when he poke her finger for blood . So he adjust the "finger poker" to the lowest and safe level which kindly "touch" her finger. As a result, the girl was poked three times then only able

Bio Malaysia 2008

Due to bandwidth problem, I am sorry for not blogging for a long time since picture cannot be uploaded. But luckily today the IP. Address I am using now is fine! ;p On 8th October 2008, Me , PeiYing and Norul went to KLCC for the 2008 Bio Malaysia exhibition. As usual, registration need to be done before going in. Compared to last year, the name tag provided looks better and higher quality. Since we are using working day to explore the exhibition, we need to get something useful for our company besides spending half day wondering in KLCC. Haha ;p These are the oil palm fruit which growing nicely. They are HUGE! And these are different types of capsule to encapsulate fishoil, medicine or other types of supplement. Whereas this is the TIMO Cordyceps . (冬虫夏草) Tissue culture technique was used to produce it and it is the subtitute for people who like to consume the "real" and expensive Cordyceps. This product is higher in nutrition value and more affordable to us.

First time

There is always alot of first time for everything This is my first time balik kampung for only 2 days because start working oledi And this is my first time receive my salary for my first full time job This is my first time knowing how hard our parents earn money and raise us up First time know what it feel staying "alone" and miss my home sweet home And first time writing this in blog...~ Looking forward to doing more new things for the first time !! Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to everyone especially for those who had puasa for 1 month ;p My advice, don't eat too much even it is one year once ;p

真情义卖会 @ SS2

I try not to spend too much time doing nothing at home, therefore just try to find something to do (besides surfing the net and blogging + watch movie ;p) Since there is nothing to do in this weekend, I followed PHP Society member for a charity. Need to wake up early in the morning 5.45 AM and only wake up after 6... Arrive there around 7 AM and there is already alot of people there preparing their stall. Our Stall is with lucky number "19" Selling Mango Drinks mixed with "Cincao" and also Steamed Fish Ball Firstly I thought the drink was a weird combination But after tasted it I just feel okay and it is new to me ;p They are discussing how to sell it fast as beside the two item stated before. There are a lot more Pudings from other stall that we need to help them sell it out This is Y ou B in who started to cook the fish ball . He really has a good sales skills. Pudings sold out in a short time. And for this, he is " A n H wa " that re


Caught flu since yesterday after cleaning the fermentor which previously contain unknown microbes. Hope the one who helping me won't infected. Not sure if it is the microbes from fermentor that infected me but my immune system is fighting it. Thanks to my immune system! Hope I can get rid of it soon =.="

Body + Mind + Heart + Soul

Yesterday I went for the PHP meeting. Learned something important. Body + Mind + Heart + Soul What I learned is a person should have at least a vision in his life to make him go forward. If not, he will only maintain on the current step without any changes to make his life better. For example, what is my vision working in my current company? To learn the technique to culture microbes? To get promoted in 1 year? To get extra salary/bonus after few years? To maintain my position in that company and prevent competitors? To avoid losing job after working for a few years? I don't think my life should be like this... So...looking forward for a better vision and target. Not to learn the technique to culture the microbes only, but also other beneficial skills. Such as network marketing and specially people networking and communication skills. I believe network communicating is very important in order for the person to success. A person is easier to success if there are other peo

RM 3.20

Sometimes even you can meet Santa aka kind person at the special place ;p Draw by Yeng Yeng ~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~ Today as usual a working day, wake up late because yesterday 2 am only sleep... So rushing in the morning and forgot to unlock the toilet doorknob after use. Therefore my housemate which sharing the toilet with me need to wait until I'm back. Paiseh ar! Then after I back I change my pant and shoes before going to the PHP gathering/ meeting. Since L ee P ing so sincere to ask me out, so I just go and see. Rushing again to Kelana Jaya. Passing a TOL which always cost us RM 1.60. Rm3.20 for one round. When I'm going to pass the toll, only I figured out I didnt bring my purse as it is still in my another pant!! Oh shit! How can I forget that? I'm sure this is not my firstt