ING Seminar @ BonTon Restaurant

On 12th of October, Me + Marccus + Pei Ying was invited by Nicole to attend an ING seminar.
Thanks to Nicole for inviting us ;p
The seminar talk was located at Bon Ton Restaurant which is kind classy and a good place to go at night.

ING Annual Income Climate Structured Fund

Marccus is doing the BMI + BodyFat + Body Age test.
Look how happy he is ;p
Because his body age is 19~

Whereas for me my body is older than my real age...Sigh

After the seminar talk, we did our blood test using microscope and this is the Dr. who operate the microscope and do the test.
He is always starting his talk with this before doing test for the person.
"You know? Your blood is the river of your life!"

The funniest thing happened is that the Dr. scare the girl will feel pain when he poke her finger for blood. So he adjust the "finger poker" to the lowest and safe level which kindly "touch" her finger.

As a result, the girl was poked three times then only able to get a little blood ;p
Hope she doesn't feel any pain la, haha!

These are the example of live-blood conditions.
The example of conditions are Protein linkage, Rouleaux(Stacking), Aggregation, Uric Acid Crystals, Cholesterol Crystal and Black Crystals the worst.

Unfortunately I am facing the rouleaux(stacking) condition and really need to take care of my health especially my diet.
Atleast fortunately I am not facing the Black Crystal condition.
This is how I look at the brightside. Wahaha

There we are, a group photo as usual ;p

This is a slice of hot chocolate cake with a scoop of cold vanilla ice-cream .

It taste very good and very expensive too!
If I am not wrong, it is RM 20++ per slice!

After the seminar end, we all went to SAKAE to have our dinner and this is the special dish we had.
Forgot what is the name of the dish already...

Last but not least, would you like to try COHIBA SIGLO 6??
If yes, go and get it at BonTon Restaurant ;p
But first, please make sure you are over 18 and got enough money for it


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