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RM 3.20

Sometimes even you can meet Santa aka kind person at the special place ;p
Draw by Yeng Yeng


Today as usual a working day, wake up late because yesterday 2 am only sleep...
So rushing in the morning and forgot to unlock the toilet doorknob after use. Therefore my housemate which sharing the toilet with me need to wait until I'm back. Paiseh ar!

Then after I back I change my pant and shoes before going to the PHP gathering/ meeting. Since Lee Ping so sincere to ask me out, so I just go and see. Rushing again to Kelana Jaya. Passing a TOL which always cost us RM 1.60. Rm3.20 for one round.

When I'm going to pass the toll, only I figured out I didnt bring my purse as it is still in my another pant!!
Oh shit! How can I forget that?
I'm sure this is not my firsttime forget about this and that...But this time really serious...

Then I stop by at the Esso petrol station to call Marccus for help and he did willing to help but he busy now...So I try to find another way out.
Fortunately, I met Mr. Ou pumping his petrol. I asked him if there is any U-Turn to avoid this toll and he said I can only do that after the toll...
Later then Lee Ping called me asking where I'm now and I just told her I might not able to go there already.
Suddenly he give me money total of RM3.20 to pass this toll and say don't need to pay back.

Really thank him ar!!! :)
Before I go I get his contact humber and thanks him alot of time.
He said at first he don't believe me but changed his mind after saw where my car is.
He is also from Melaka but staying in Puchong now.

Have you ever met a good person before?
I'm always meeting kind people and thanks for that.
Hope my amnesia (+ anaemia) will cure very very soon as if not I will cause alot of trouble to ppl around me.
Hmm...maybe Im a happy guy because I easily forget things especially the bad/sad one...

What can I do to cure my amnesia?Looking forward to hear from you :)

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)