A traditional way to cure eyesight problem

This is a traditional way to help prevent your eye getting worst and also cure numerous kind of eyesight problems. In this movie clip you will see that the "doctor" will use a needle with a red thread sting through the nerve around the ear and pull it out again. Yeap, it will hurt but it is just like ant's bite. This "doctor" is staying in Malaysia, Melaka. And lucky that I staying there and can go for the treatment without traveling far. ;p And I gotta tell you that the treatment works! The only thing is it depends on the individual. Different person will have different effects and results.

What's wrong with what we eat?

In this fiery and funny talk New York Times food writer M ark B ittman weighs in on what's wrong with the way we eat now T oo much meat, T oo few plants; T oo much fast food, T oo little home cooking and why it's putting the entire pl a n e t at risk. --------------------------------------------------- What will our planet become in 10 more years?


April 21st is my little sis birthdayz And I forgot that. Haha, next year only I pay you back. The cast today is the M onkey The most precious thing is that the monkey was handmade by my elder sister - D ear B ear . She did promise to give me a birthday present but I think she forgot about it. Just want to simply introduce what DearBear can d o DearBear can make out alot of toys after designing all the thing by herself. DearBear had made alot of different dolls and M onkey is the second biggest toy that she made. Yeap, the first biggest toy is a c o w , with golden horn. If anyone interested in buying a favourite doll of yours. Feel free to contact her. Now I'm advertising for her already. =.=" Good for her.

Graduated + Miserable

History @ Port Dickson ------------------------------------- After three years of study in Biotechnology. Here comes to the end of the study. And start with a new life. Hmm, still can't figure out what I want actually Continue study? Do research?Write thesis? I don't really feel like want to continue with that. Find a job that you like? It is not easy to find a job that you like as many people also want that job. Above statement is my bad excuse. I can find one if I truly search for it. Now I'm still confused with what I want. I will only figure it out if I think about it But what I'm doing now is I not even want to think about it ------------------------------------------------------------ Currently my mom has a serious inflammation behind her neck and it is really serious. Doctor told her that her blood sugar is very high and need to control her diet. She did stop eating those sweet food these days But I think she is going back to her old lifestyle Continue eat

Pulau Kapas (II)

Hmm, I choose some random photo that taken on Pulau Kapas again. 4 + 1 Big clam hiding in the rocks, there are also b lue clam in the sea I thought only got spotted dog, but saw the sea urchin with B l a c k + W h i t e NeedleS This is the Sea Urchin family. It is scary down there. Luckily didn't step on it. Their needles will aim on you once they sense you. Really! This is the cute nemo spotted by C hun J in ;p I wish my camera also water resistance ;p In front of volleyball field Back to the future, playing with the sand Miss my childhood. The resort that we stay. Room 2 3 is the most crowded one as everyone went to room 23 with no reason. The tree that its fruit with "curly-hair" shape Here is my S T D friend. ( S T D = Strong Tough Determined !!) Quote by Dr Haresh! So, please don't misunderstood. Haha!

Group 1

On Thursday (15th May), Lilian + Pei Yee + Me went to Chun Jin's house to have a night there as nothing to do except go and enjoy our live when there is an opportunity. Initially wanna go eat Western Food but change to "Chinese Ordering Food" as traffic jam is too serious. Anyway, it is nice :) As long as it fill my stomach After that, we went to P utrajaya + C yberjaya This is the night view of one of the bridge around putrajaya and cyberjaya Lilian and Chun Siang under 1 of the spotlight at Putrajaya Putrajaya is a nice place to go if you are interested with the building and architecture technique there. There are more nice place but unfortunately my camera cannot capture them all After finish visit, went to Kajang for the famous S atay and we are almost late because followed Malaysia's road signboard which is truly misleading. Only guys eat the most because girls think that diet is more important :) (My opinion) Went back to Chun Jin's house

Tian Chad

Maybe you think it is a simple handwork and nothing special. But I'm sure everyone who receive things that was handmade will be happy. Don't you? ;p Besides, it come from a chary guy - C hun J in Now I keep recall back what I remember and yeap this is something worth to post :) Thanks!