Group 1

On Thursday (15th May), Lilian + Pei Yee + Me went to Chun Jin's house to have a night there as nothing to do except go and enjoy our live when there is an opportunity.

Initially wanna go eat Western Food but change to "Chinese Ordering Food" as traffic jam is too serious.
Anyway, it is nice :)
As long as it fill my stomach

After that, we went to Putrajaya + Cyberjaya

This is the night view of one of the bridge around putrajaya and cyberjaya

Lilian and Chun Siang under 1 of the spotlight at Putrajaya

Putrajaya is a nice place to go if you are interested with the building and architecture technique there. There are more nice place but unfortunately my camera cannot capture them all

After finish visit, went to Kajang for the famous Satay and we are almost late because followed Malaysia's road signboard which is truly misleading.

Only guys eat the most because girls think that diet is more important :)
(My opinion)

Went back to Chun Jin's house and arrived at 2 am and everyone are tired and sleep as soon as possible.

The next day, wake up at 10 am and still feel tired

This is the delicious Fried Banana Cakes and "Nian2 Gao1" recommended by Chun Jin

In the afternoon, went to shopping for BBQ's materials at modern pasar. "Curi curi" take pictures until the guard in the supermarket stop me :/

The first pictures taken when the BBQ started
(Chun Siang + Su Lin)

"Stupid Head" + Steve the "Eng Tao"

Baked Potato which was filled with cancer causasive agent
but tasty inside

Special cakes bought from Japan by Hui San and it is divided into Cheese and Choco flavor.
I prefer Choco one

Red Steve after drink few cups of red wines and only can see that when compared with Lilian :p

Now both Steve and Lilian drunken and BOTH red in colour, haha
And Steve start act abnormal already
But still conscious~

Before end, group photo was taken but someone is not here because she is sleeping in the room.
Aiks, can't make everyone in the same place at the same time.
But it is better than No One ~

When everyone is leaving the house. Suddenly something happen and I saw Ah Kuek washing the outside.

What happened?

Whose mess is Ah Kuek cleaning ar?

"Shhh, it is me. Please don't tell anybody~", Sulin Said.
Haha !


The next day, Chun Jin bring us to go to eat the "Yu Tou Mi"
and again it is delicious ;)

Even this might be the last chance to get everyone together.
Im sure we are still able to meet each other when the time is right.
I try make my self not care much and not missing you all much as I know how it feel as friends going to separate.

I will remember my beloved group 1 members as long as I can before Alzheimer attack me ;p


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