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Pulau Kapas (II)

Hmm, I choose some random photo that taken on Pulau Kapas again.

4 + 1

Big clam hiding in the rocks, there are also blue clam in the sea

I thought only got spotted dog, but saw the sea urchin with Black+ White NeedleS

This is the Sea Urchin family. It is scary down there.
Luckily didn't step on it.
Their needles will aim on you once they sense you.

This is the cute nemo spotted by Chun Jin ;p

I wish my camera also water resistance ;p

In front of volleyball field

Back to the future, playing with the sand
Miss my childhood.

The resort that we stay. Room 23 is the most crowded one as everyone went to room 23 with no reason.

The tree that its fruit with "curly-hair" shape

Here is my STD friend.

(STD = Strong Tough Determined!!)
Quote by Dr Haresh!
So, please don't misunderstood.

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)