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Inspiration or Plagiarism? #TCRandom

昆明圆通寺 YuanTong Temple in KunMing City Social media has been changing so quick that sometimes I feel like I can't keep up with the speed. Sometimes I just wonder if I should just continue follow their rules and play the game? Or just stop chasing after what seems to be the right thing that everyone going after.  For example, the sky looks so dramatic in the picture above but does it really represent what we saw in real life? The original photos is actually with overcast sky and it looks dull with blank white space on top. Photoshop and even mobile apps nowadays can easily replace the sky for you with just a few steps. That's how IT nowadays change the games and standard on what is so called a good image.

Airlink Annual Dinner 2018 @ Chuai Heng Banquet Hall #XINHAI

【VLOG】Airlink Annual Dinner 2018 #XINHAI It was 侒旅游 Airlink Annual Dinner 2018 at Chuai Heng Banquet Hall , Kuala Lumpur. First time attend their annual dinner, and there were these huge and juicy chicken drumsticks being served during the dinner. 到底是 Baki 还是 May Ho吃相最吸引你呢? Airlink Travel Managing Director, Mr. Roger Hia giving speech during annual dinner 2018 Check out the short video above. It is hashtagged #XinHai for a reason haha! If you've liked this video, remember to Like and Share it around! It helps a lot! =D Subscribe for more videos.

How to Drag & Select Multiple Photos at once on Android Phones

How to drag and select multiple images at once on Android Phones Happy Christmas and happy holiday to everyone!! As a smartphone user, I always hope my smartphone can get smarter and improve its function from time to time. I am a heavy user in photography application (For example VSCOCAM, Snapseed and Instagram) so there are tons of photos that took major space in my Samsung GALAXY Note 5 with limited built-in memory. Therefore I will need to delete unwanted/unnecessary photos from time to time after backup the photos to my external drive.  In my situation, I still want to keep certain photos in my phone but not delete all at once, and it is very time-consuming to select multiple photos by tapping on the image one by one (imagine you have 2000++ pictures in one gallery) instead of drag-select like what we usually do on the desktop.  In case there are someone else who need this info, I've decided to blog about this today. The Drag and Select function for multiple

9 Unanimous Thoughts When You Celebrate Chinese New Year In Melaka

Happy Chinese New Year 2015!! Hey guys I would like to wish you all Happy Chinese New Year before the busy days start ahead. The internet speed in Melaka is kinda slow and I really miss Unifi now. Even when I watching the TV how I wish I can fast forward the 15 minutes long advertisement on 8TV. I guess this is a sign of getting used to convenient technologies for too long already. Luckily currently I have 2Mbps StreamyX at home now so streaming YouTube still won't be a problem. 

Thaipusam 2015 @ Batu Caves (Sneak Peek)

Thaipusam 2015 @ Batu Caves, Malaysia Holla guys, last few days were long holidays and where did you go to?? I was fortunate enough to have a bunch of photographer friends who "ajak" me for a photography outing at  Batu Caves for Thaipusam. I gotta say although this outing was kinda challenging when you are stuck inside the crowd who wanna go uphill, it is a must try experience especially if you are a Malaysian.  I am currently processing client's wedding photos so I am not able to process these batch of photos yet. Maybe I shall skip more events so I have more time for Adobe Lightroom haha. If you have blogged about Thaipusam 2015 with many photos do leave your link at the comment section below so I can pay a visit. Till then, get ready for a wonderful Wednesday peeps. Take care~ PS: Thanks Robin Wong and friends for the photography outing that day. Detailed photo post for Thaipusam will be out in future yo Thanks for reading! Press the "

Cool Kids - Echosmith (Jayesslee Cover) | #Jayessleeasiatour2015

"Oh that poor thing... must be so uncomfortable~" Sharing about changes of perceptions on kids in airplane after they became parents themselves Heyo everybody, were you at Jayesslee Asia Tour 2015 Live in Malaysia??  I still missing their great voice and live performance. Luckily I got some photos and videos to check back again. Well, since I am still in the midst of processing the photos and I wanna post a video as a little sneak peak for you guys yo. The song is none other than "Cool Kids" which original sang my Echosmith. Check out the video below after the adv jump

Show Me Your Tongue Cute Puppies!!

Cute Puppy show me his tongue haha Since I am still drafting that Ohhsome blogpost, I shall post something cute today. Searching through my photo folders I am happy to see these photo again and today I am sharing three photos with you guys. Especially you who like cute animal like puppies and kitten. I wonder why people usually ask if I am a cat or dog person but I like them both as they have their unique cute side. For example, dog are playful and loyal to the master while cat has its own attitude and know how to act like a spoiled child with its tail and body running around your legs for food. If you wanna see more cute puppies photo, continue reading hahaha

Angela Aki Tegami reminded myself to go after my dream again

Angela Aki / 手紙~拜啟 給十五歲的你~2014 Early in year 2008, I heard a special voice and music by Angela Aki . Since then, I've fall in love with her talent in writing and performing her song with that piano. Today I saw my friend shared her song again on FB with a nice and meaningful MV too. Since I am busy drafting another blogpost, I think it is good to share something nice with you guys. "擁有存在感卓越的歌聲,以及實力堅強的鋼琴造詣,父親為日本人、母親為義裔美國人的A­ngela Aki,在國中以前一直生長於日本的德島縣及岡山縣,在15歲時移居夏威夷,在她於2­002年回到日本以前,Angela Aki一直居住在美國華盛頓特區。出道專輯「Home」挾帶【太空戰士XII】的插曲­、熱門動畫【血戰BLOOD+】片尾曲等等強大單曲,一發行立刻寫下ORICON專輯­榜亞軍的優異成績。同時「手紙~拜啟 給十五歲的你~」一曲除了被收錄到日本的教科書當中,更被台灣歌手翻唱為中文版令華語­樂壇為之驚艷。" Angela Aki / 手紙~拜啟 給十五歲的你~2014 This song is about writing a letter to yourself at the age of 15. It is actually a kind of way to look back at your life and see how silly yourself were at that age and knowing that you've grown up in the end. Well, I didn't write any letters to myself but I guess I can blog more at thi

20 Cool Things I Did in Year 2014 & My New Year Resolution

Mabul Island - Sun Sand Sea Today is the day that most people gonna look back at what they did for year 2014 and celebrate NYE with friends and family. Well, mine one special a bit as I am celebrating my birthday as well!! This post gonna be a throwback post of what I did in 2014 and what I wanna do more in year 2015. (which is starting tomorrow) Thanks for everyone who drop by this space and continue grow with me and I really hope that I manage to inspire you in any way which is positive and beneficial for you guys haha. Now let see what are the top 20 things that I am happy that I did in 2014:

Remote Flash Photography Outing Tomorrow & #TCSelfie with Him Law

I've alway want to bring my photography skill to the next level and thanks to my enthusiastic photographer friends who always ajak me out for photoshoot session. So tomorrow (few more hours) we are going to practice some remote flash photography in a cafe. Today a friend tagged me on Facebook that if selfie-stick was banned in the country I won't be able to survive hahaha. Well I surely will because #TCSelfie using his own hand as the selfie stick. That's why #TCSelfie is very unique and you should learn it if you wanna have a quick photo with your favourite artist like Him Law *smirk* #TCSelfie with the handsome and talented actor Him Law @ TVB Star Awards 2014 I know you can always take selfie with your smartphone but sometime it just doesn't looks wide enough and can only fit half of our face. So people started to use the monopod a.k.a. selfie stick which can extend the view and capture better selfie photo. Please do make sure that the selfie stic

Christmas Time Is Here

Christmas Time Is Here - Daniela Andrade ft her cute dog Do you know Daniela Andrade ?? I fall in love with her voice ever since I heard her singing on YouTube. I know she is definitely coming up with something great this Christmas and here it is. She had a music showcase in Singapore recently and I hope her fan base is strong enough so organizer will bring her to Malaysia soon =) And I hope I will able to be the official photographer for her music that time *dream big* Christmas Time Is Here - Daniela Andrade ft. Cutest Dog in the Galaxy I don't know bout you but I like the festive season of Christmas although I am not a Christian. *Probably because I like the idea of receiving gift and present from friends or someone that wanna give a surprise* I've always imagine myself to be at the place where snow  falling from the sky and Daniela's song playing in the background. That would be lovely moment to hang out with love one together too.

Selamat Hari Raya! Rendang Ketupat Mari!

Image would like to wish all celebrants: Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir dan Batin and of course Happy Holiday! Hola guys, I hope you are enjoying all the rendang, curry and ketupat =) Don't forget to drink more sirap and water to combat the hazy weather =) Thought of want to do fireworks timelapse but just remember my camera still in the workshop and the weather wasn't that good for night photoshoot either. Feeling lazy when I got a few advertorials to rush during this festive season. *Today I don't feel like doing anything* Bruno Mars flu attacking    That's why here's a short post to wish all my muslim friends Selamat Hari Raya and non-Muslim friends happy holidays!! I shall work harder to get pocket money and fund my second camera body loo. Till then, stay tuned for my Macau Travel Photo Story. It is gonna be amazingly #TCFishEye =) Thanks for reading! Press the "Like" button and share with you