Remote Flash Photography Outing Tomorrow & #TCSelfie with Him Law

I've alway want to bring my photography skill to the next level and thanks to my enthusiastic photographer friends who always ajak me out for photoshoot session. So tomorrow (few more hours) we are going to practice some remote flash photography in a cafe.

Today a friend tagged me on Facebook that if selfie-stick was banned in the country I won't be able to survive hahaha. Well I surely will because #TCSelfie using his own hand as the selfie stick. That's why #TCSelfie is very unique and you should learn it if you wanna have a quick photo with your favourite artist like Him Law *smirk*

#TCSelfie with the handsome and talented actor Him Law @ TVB Star Awards 2014

I know you can always take selfie with your smartphone but sometime it just doesn't looks wide enough and can only fit half of our face. So people started to use the monopod a.k.a. selfie stick which can extend the view and capture better selfie photo. Please do make sure that the selfie stick that you buy are good quality and can hold your phone firmly ya, or else when you place it at higher angle your iphone might just slip away, crash on the floor and have brilliant cracked screen *touch wood*. Another improved version is to use GoPro attached on a monopod to take selfie, it has wide angle view and can definitely fit more people in one same photo.

What makes #TCSelfie unique is that it works in almost every occasion especially at dark place when you need additional light to make the photo looks nicely clear and sharp. The only downside is the camera and light total weight (you need strong hand to handle it) and distortion that some people don't really like.

I still remember when I take #TCSelfie with Tavia Yeung, she asked, "Why my head looks bigger one?" So we took again and she just prefer other to take photos instead of selfie. But still, #TCSelfie does manage to surprise quite a lot people when they saw the result =D

So let's hope tomorrow I learn some new skill that I can incorporate it to my usual photography style. After all, I wanna have photos that can inspire you and make people happy too.

Below are some of my #TCSelfie taken this year =D

Shila Amzah -
Selfie with a pretty little part of the hidden place

Dato Lee Chong Wei
The Lion Men actors
One City Sunset
Suria KLCC at night
Samsung Guide Dog School

Remote #TCSelfie for #OOTD 

I currently using Nikon D800 and Samsung NX30 to capture all these #TCSelfie. Hopefully it inspired you in a way kay? G'night!!

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