Angela Aki Tegami reminded myself to go after my dream again

Angela Aki / 手紙~拜啟 給十五歲的你~2014

Early in year 2008, I heard a special voice and music by Angela Aki. Since then, I've fall in love with her talent in writing and performing her song with that piano. Today I saw my friend shared her song again on FB with a nice and meaningful MV too. Since I am busy drafting another blogpost, I think it is good to share something nice with you guys.

"擁有存在感卓越的歌聲,以及實力堅強的鋼琴造詣,父親為日本人、母親為義裔美國人的A­ngela Aki,在國中以前一直生長於日本的德島縣及岡山縣,在15歲時移居夏威夷,在她於2­002年回到日本以前,Angela Aki一直居住在美國華盛頓特區。出道專輯「Home」挾帶【太空戰士XII】的插曲­、熱門動畫【血戰BLOOD+】片尾曲等等強大單曲,一發行立刻寫下ORICON專輯­榜亞軍的優異成績。同時「手紙~拜啟 給十五歲的你~」一曲除了被收錄到日本的教科書當中,更被台灣歌手翻唱為中文版令華語­樂壇為之驚艷。"
Angela Aki / 手紙~拜啟 給十五歲的你~2014

This song is about writing a letter to yourself at the age of 15. It is actually a kind of way to look back at your life and see how silly yourself were at that age and knowing that you've grown up in the end. Well, I didn't write any letters to myself but I guess I can blog more at this space because after years I can look back at myself. 

Thinking back at the age of 19 (which is 10 years ago), I think it was my first year in universiti. That's the only time I know how good to be able to have lunch and dinner well prepared at home instead of me eating out with unimates almost everyday. I know it might look somehow wasted since I never continue my career in Biotechnology (course that I've studied for years) and eventually became a blogger and photographer and who I am today. However, because of study Biotech, I met and know many awesome friends from there. It is the kind of life experience and connection that I appreciate every time I think back my uni time. Not forget to mention that time Biotechnology course was formed of 70% female and you basically able to see pretty girls everyday in school haha. Not as boring as Engineering course for sure!
The things that I wanna share is... Life is full of adventure and it is true that one should do their best to find out what they truly love to do instead of doing something just to survive like a walking dead. Actually before you actually have so many commitments at young age, that's the best time for you to strife for your dream before age is catching up. If you have a dream, go for it, and transform your plan/dream to action. Because if you never do anything from now, you will always just dreaming bout it and never reach that point that you wanna be.

Actually today I was feeling kinda lazy in doing anything, deep inside me I feel empty like I lost my direction in doing what I am doing now. Now only I realized that I haven't set a real target and things to do in 2015 haha. There are just too much thing I wanna share on my blog and I didn't set priority properly... Self-discipline is really important especially when you are having own business and when yourself are the boss. There won't be people guiding/ordering what you need to do as you have total freedom on what you wanna do. So first thing first, I gotta need to strengthen my own will/self-discipline in writing more blogpost that are not only meaningful for myself, but also useful for you guys who are reading it now.

So guys, this is actually a self-reminding post but also sharing good music with you too. If you have time, do YouTube "Angela Aki" and let see if we have same good taste on great music haha. Have a nice Tuesday ahead~

Congrats to Lavonne and KokKuen 2015

PS: Hopefully this year I will have more awesome photoshoot (especially concert, wedding and travel so I can tell more stories through photos~)

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