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Worst Energizer Night Race 2011 Ever!! No Medals & Headlamps+++

Just came back from Energizer Night Run 2011 and I guess more than 80% of the participants have lots of comments. Too bad it is all complaints because of the "energetic" Energizer organizer. Problems of Energizer Night Race 2011 : RM10 parking. Legal/Illegal? Syndicate? Not enough headlamps Only one water station functioning instead of two. There was supposed to be water and sponging station at 2-3km but they only have it at 4 km Lack of direction by race marshals at finishing line. They are rude. Unorganized distribution of goodies bag. Only 2 collection counter with super long queue. They throw the goody bags to the crowd and closed down the pit door. Never fill in the goody bag with goodies earlier, they only do on the spot Not enough working staff at the cornering of the track which eventually cause a lot people crossing field using short cut. Not fair for people who are serious for the race WORST THING IS NO CERTIFICATION AND MEDALS FOR PEOPLE WHO FINISHED THE

My Johnnie Walker Pit Crew Experience | Sepang International Circuit

Step inside the Black Circuit with Johnnie Walker ! Sounds familiar? I have blogged about this campaign and Facebook Contest that helps you become part of the REAL pit crew earlier. Not sure if it is luck or some hidden good karma that I've collected, I was invited to Sepang International Circuit to see how the selected pit crews do their challenge AND somehow got the chance to become one of the pit crew too! Awesome! I would like to thanks Charles who invited me to this event, and Michelle + Jestina that invited me to JW Pit Crew Challenge Launch Event ~! Initially I planned to go SIC just to take photos for the event and blog about it. Here is one of the spontaneous photo taken during the event. Fay Hokulani is the model! *Not sure if she know I was snapping her* At JW SIC you can get so close with a F1 Racing Car. This was decorated with Johnnie Walker's sticker =) If you went there you can play the Go Kart and challenge your friend ;p

[Sneak Peek] Johnnie Walker Pit Crew Experience

Today is an exhausting but damn awesome fun day for me as I not only able to witness some of the Malaysia's personalities experience being as a Johnnie Walker pit crew , but I was somehow being invited to be one of the pit crew too !! Yeah you get it right! Once in a lifetime opportunity to step inside the Black Circuit and experience the real taste of the high pressure world of motor racing. The Johnnie Walker Pit Crew Experience took place at the Sepang International Circuit , home of the Malaysian Formula 1 Grand Prix. First time can self-camwhore at the Sepang International Circuit without worrying being run over by racing car. This is an extra experience+ opportunity for me ;p Met two of the pretty ladies+bloggers during Johnnie Walker Pit Crew Experience day - Dawn Yang and Fay Hokulani Each and every participants who experience themselves as a Johnnie Walker Pit Crew today get good experience and little nice goodies =D We the afternoon Team 2 was just 2 points away from a

Wonder Girls At LG Technology Design Centre | F1 Grand Prix

Courtesy of LG Malaysia , me and a few bloggers were given a chance to catch Formula 1 Race live at Sepang . My first time to attend F1 Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix at Sepang . Guess what, a grand stand ticket is priced at RM2,600.00 !! I don't know it will cost so much to watch F1! However if compared with F1 at other country, RM2,600 is considered cheapest already. It was a sunny Sunday. Luckily no rain =) Met a new blogger named Kenji , he has a blog with absolutely nice photos. Do visit! =) We had a warm welcome by the LG staff and she is one of our tour guide along the whole day. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Transport was provided and off we go to Sepang by taking a bus with cool air-conditional service. The journey from KL Hilton to Sepang is quit far, so I took a nap before we reach there. Reminded that the traffic is super jam in the afternoon. "Welcome to Sepang International Circuit" We were broung to LG Technol