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Pay Fong Calligraphy Gallery Art House 培风美术馆

This Pay Fong Calligraphy Gallery Art House 培风美术馆 was launched in April 2010 but I only figured out this place during my visit to school 98th anniversary . Personally think that this place is nicely renovated for calligraphy and arts. I can't write these but I can capture these nice calligraphy in photo to be preserved =) The longest calligraphy in the art house There are big bunch of Chinese calligraphy for you to admire. Wrote in different style and different composition. Do pay a visit to Pay Fong Calligraphy Gallery Art House 培风美术馆 when you go to Pay Fong High School =) You can read the article about 培风美术馆 here [Chinese version] ___________________________________________ What do you think about this version of Hello Kitty ?? It's a pink Hello Kitty Adult in Cheong Sam wtf Gonna share some of the class decoration in conjunction of Pay Fong 98th Anniversary in the next post. Stay tuned! Press the "Like" button and share with your friend kay? Thanks~! You can s

Visit i-City Shah Alam @ Christmas Season

The weather is getting colder, and Christmas is coming! So I've changed my background to Christmas Theme~! First time use own pictures as wallpaper wei ;p [syiok sendiri] I can see more people want to know what and how to go to i-City Shah Alam ( some people call it ice-City Shah Alam) . What is i-City Shah Alam? i-City is the intersection of technology, real estate and technopreneur development. They have finished the Phase 1 development and now starting the Phase 2 development. Rhythmic Light Show is part of i-City second pahse development. How to go to i-City Shah Alam? Here is the location map for iCity Shah Alam Malaysia =) *Click to Enlarge* My Selangor Story i-City Shah Alam| A video that show you what you can see in iCity Shah Alam now. They say there will be new decoration/lighting installed. So I hope they have already installed for you guys to have a wonderful moment~ The opening hours of iCity Snow House : Monday to Thursday: 7.00pm to 11.00pm Friday

[Save Our Seahorse] - At Singapore Bridge

How do I get into this place? See the Mangrove's Tale here =D Those poking out thing are are air roots of mangrove's trees Chris was proved to have the genes of monkey ;p A big clap to ourself because we have passed through the mangrove area and reach the sea side~!Singapore bridge is just behind us! This is R.E.A.L and we are not dreaming. How many people would actually got the chance to stand on the mud and take picture with Singapore's Bridge? =p Do you know that mud can be therapeutic for us? All the mineral salts in the clay/mud can actually make your skin smoother =) *PS: According to YengYeng, the mosquito bites is not itchy anymore after apply the mud* When YengYeng digging the mud we saw something crawling. It is partially permeable and moving like a worm. Later then we figure out that It is a Wormlike Sea Cucumber Soft to touch. Easy to break. I believe it still survive because that's how sea cucumber survive by *potong* itself. I am not regret to bring alo

Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore experience

First of all, the reason I should be given an opportunity to visit Singapore is Nuffnang Awards as I will get to know more bloggers and met new firends! Besides that, Singapore is one of my holiday destination in my travel list. Who don't like travel? =) I still remember the first time I traveled to Singapore was during my aunt's wedding. I was 10 years old that time and few things caught my mind that I would like to travel to there again. Even Singapore is a small nation, it is enriched with many different cultures, cuisine, arts and architecture. Singapore, like Malaysia is diverse with many ethnic with large populations of Chinese, Malay, Indian and other people. Not much city that have celebration parties for different ethnic under one roof right? One City, Three Festivals - According to the net, singaporean cuisine is an example of diversity and cultural diffusion, with influences from Chinese, Indian, Malay and Tamil cuisine. This make