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Meet Up With My Lecturer @ Subang Parade

Its been long time I didn't drop by Subang Parade The decoration has already changed to Hari Raya theme This evening went to Nando's Chicken to meet with my Final Year Project supervisor, Lecturer, and also Academic Adviser - Dr. Adeline Ting Not yet not yet, show you the Chicken first ;p I ordered Nando's Peri-fest Meal @ RM21.90 *Haven include 5% Govt tax and 10% Service Charge ya* Ordered this dish since I wanna try their new drink Lemoncella Fresca Gourmet Beverage @ Rm 5.30 It is just actually mixture of Coke + Lemon + Peppermint *But can refill one* And Yeng Yeng is the model for today Nando's Chicken Mild Peri Chicken with 2 hot side dish Long time not playing Macro Shoot, so here is one of it Simple Hot Chocolate This morning my hair look like this But today after had a hair cut at the new barber shop called "Lollipop" I have changed to... Left: James, Yeng Yeng, Me, Kah Shin and there she is Dr. Adeline We talk lot and updated about each other.

#1 Wonderful Market @ Time Square

Early in May (3rd) , my sister aka DearBear3 ask if I am free to help her @ Wonderful Market This is the first "Art Market" that was organize in Time Square. Since I like arty and colourful handmade stuff. Sure I won't miss this chance as my first exposure. Here she is DearBear3 aka the BIG eye Sister I believe you have seen this Cupcakes if you start reading my blog earlier in age time. lol The handmade (almost) edible cupcakes~ The needle pouch also need some decoration on its head ;p "What should I wear today? :)" These are the resin made Handphone Keychain Everyone of them are uniquely designed~ All handmade thingy by DearBear3 Necklace, keychain, for decoration and more! I specially like this one!! Can you resist not to eat it when it is hanging on your phone? ;p DearBear3 also can sew bags :) Handmade earring, all about fruits and foods~! How do I help my sister? I promote her stuff when there are some customer dropping by to see DearBear3 's stuff.