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Miss Korea Pop Balloon On His...WHAT?!

Balloon Popping Game Gone Crazy with Miss Korea All right guys, today's post is a short one because it is a throwback video of my fun moments in Club Med Cherating . The other day Daniel found the video of Miss Malaysia crowned as Miss Cherating after sang this song, and he asked if I can upload video of him doing some stunts with Miss Korea. So here you go!! Firstly, I would like to apologize for my LOL as it was really funny and I didn't expect the GO from Club Med Cherating would really do that. I salute you GOX ! (He is the awesome GO from Korea) From the video below you will see Miss Korea did 'her' best to impress the judges by doing the Psy Gentleman lap dance and also popping balloon on this man. 

Five Unforgettable and Painful Running Man Moments

Five Unforgettable and Painful Running Man Moments  Ever wonder what happens when the relentless Kim Jong Kook, the humorous Haha, the tactical Song JiHyo, and scheming JeeSeok Jin get together in a live show?We are sure that there will be turmoil and lots of hilarious moments that will surely bring laughter. As the Race Start Season 2 in Malaysia this November with the four of them, vote or share your funniest scene that you wish to see at the live concert. Here are golden moments in the series that we think are unforgettable. 1)HAHA TAKES WEATHER REPORTING TO THE NEXT LEVEL HAHA TAKES WEATHER REPORTING TO THE NEXT LEVEL Additional Information Episode 20 Game: Extreme Weather Forecasting Guest: Kim HeeChul In this scene, Haha was getting annoyed, angry and crazy at the same time in enduring the heavy wind, snow & water blown to his face while he tries to finish his weather forecasting on screen within five minutes. In the same time, h

"Baby, there's grasshopper on my head! HELP!"

Just now, while I was doing my work on my laptop, I heard my girlfriend who was blowing dry her hairs shouted "Baby, there is a grasshopper on my head! Help me!" So I thought... What so big deal as I thought it was this tiny little cricket  that I saw just now (as picture below) who landed on her hair. Tiny little cricket who was suspected to create that #havoc So I went to her without my glasses and try to console her that the "grasshopper" has flew away. Furthermore, why the hell would a grasshopper come and visit us at night except cricket? She even hugged me, asked me to confirm that the "grasshopper" has been removed from her lion hair-style (cos blow dry half way hahaha). After a while she went back continue to blow her hair, but shouted again when she saw this near the lamps... "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ Babyyyy~" So it is real HAHAHA What a beautiful grasshopper visited us at night.  That's the moment I de


The pink medicine - KUMUR The other day, my housemate came and asked if I still need this bottle of pink medicine. Immediately it reminded me of my awful encounter with it. Well, this happened in April... I went to Klinik Mediviron to consult a doctor because of my long-long-never-cure sore throat and fever. I still remember it cost me RM35 to get a few different medicine capsule and this bottle of liquid medicine. You know when people get sick enough they tends to lose their focus on certain things? It happened to me... I don't remember what the nurse said when she gave me all those medicine. All I could remember is "Oh here's this childhood pink cough medicine again...".  Immediately after lunch, I went to the kitchen to swallow all those bitter drugs, thinking that I would just get better the next day... BUT I never ever thought that the childhood-pink-cough-syrup is never the same again as it is a bottle of "Listerine" for gargle purpose only

Top 10 Gangnam Style Parody Videos ft PSY & Hyuna

Top 10 PSY Gangnam Style Parody All right guys, PSY's Gangnam Style has been a big hit ever since its premiere on YouTube and it went viral all over the world. 62 millions views in just one month. Good job PSY! Creative people around the world keep creating their own Gangnam parody with their unique Gangnam Style. Check out some of the popular Gangnam parodies below: Do you know that Hyuna has her own Gangnam Style? It's called Dak Nae Style PSY (ft. HYUNA) 오빤 딱 내 스타일  Check out my blogpost regarding Hyuna MV  SEXY HYUNA GANGNAM STYLE SOUNDS LIKE PIKACHU [Photos]  Instead of doing funny/stupid thing in the MV, Hyuna play sexy with her "cute-high-pitch" Dak Nae Style. 19 million views on YouTube now.     PSY - GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일) M/V BYUNTAE STYLE! (PARODY) David, one of the comedian Youtuber who put so much efforts in collaborating with other YouTube stars to do another funny Gangnam style parody. You will able to spot Clara C, Jason

The GAG Quartet Internet Medley: 40 MEMES in One Song

By watching tons of videos at YouTube trend channel , it is always good to find out something cool especially when people put in efforts to combine all MEMES together in one song. I am sure you read 9gag also right? If not, you can start reading it and have some good laugh. Back to the topiic of the day - The GAG Quartet Internet Medley that features 40 MEMES in one song. I couldn't recognize all MEMES in this video. Can you? I dare you! Haha Nyan Cat still look cute if do something else like drinking milk or a sleeping Nyan Cat I recognize the music but not that cartoon character The Laaaah song and El Mudo - Chacarron Macarron later When Me Gusta started to dance Obama and wife said not bad F*ck Yeah~ I prefer #LikeABoss All right try your best to identify all 40 MEMES in this picture and video! The GAG Quartet - le Internet Medley (OVER 40 MEMES IN ONE SONG) No worries, I have got the list for you: MEME NYAN CAT TROLL TROLL DAD RAGE GUY 4CHAN FO

Strong Wind + @fenfen727 = Happiness

Today wind was so strong and according to Feng Shui, today is actually a good day for Chinese to get married and move to new house. Are you one of them? Been busy helping a friend moving to new house and did a celebration. Thanks for the Ice-cream Cake and also the "Homemade Organic 猪脚醋 ". Then at night I asked on twitter what should I blog about. @fenfen72 decided to let me share her photo(which I put a caption on) to entertain you guys.Thanks for the awesome idea and green light to share this photo haha!! I've always wanted to share this with everyone. "Yoo, why the wind so strong~?" This is just a random shot while FenFen greet us at her house's downstair. I guess the caption described her feeling. Hope it made you smile/laugh and you enjoy this short post!! Press the "Like" button if you like @fenfen727 's photo and share with your friend kay? You can subscribe to TianChad @ 永遇乐 , be a fans on TianChad @ 永遇乐 and follow @TianChad o

Justin and Jeremy's Lazy Song - Bruno Mars (Rated GP)

Have you heard about the Twin brothers Justin and Jeremy ? No? I am introducing them today haha! This video was removed earlier but and it has been uploaded again after their parents did some editing. Obviously, they LOVE to be filmed by dad. What made them famous? is it because of them being adorable or talented? Watch the video yourself =) Justin and Jeremy's version of The Lazy Song (Rated GP) Bruno Mars have you seen this? One of them can't wait to take of his pant lol You can watch Justin & Jeremy "Hey-Ya" if you like the first one =) I like his "Oh-Oww" and his ability to shake his butt. One is destined to be a good singer and another brother will be an awesome dancer! Wish them all the best and hope Justin & Jeremy will be featured at other website/news~! Press the "Like" button and share with your friend kay? Thanks~! You can subscribe to TianChad @ 永遇乐 , be a fans on TianChad @ 永遇乐 and follow @TianChad on Twitter for fut

Cadbury Sharing Happiness. My First Video!

Cadbury Dairy Milk , a familiar name that you will know if you are a chocolate lover. Was called by a friend to help Cheeserland in her Sharing-Happiness-video casting. Since it is a new stuff to try out and can help a friend, why not? There goes my "virgin" of acting in a video where there are multiple cameras with numerous spot lights pointing on you. The shooting venue: Big Brother Restaurant & Grill that offering western cuisine & catering Can spot how many spot lights are there in this scene? Ringo would like to have a Cheesie-colored Orange Juice Red hair with red handbag. Fashionista! We took turn in recording the video and sometime you just gotta assume she is doing something and you should have the correct response. I can has a magical bag where I can get everything I want including a HUGE Gas Tank! Please pay attention to Ringo's facial expression after I pulled it out wahaha. There was a paper toss scene too where I was being thrown the paper note th

“Inspiring” Words on the Hat 發右

Today had another fun day to do video shooting with Nigel Sia - Visual Story Telling . This is my 3rd day going out for a shoot and had chance to play with the huge video camera. *The one that you see when people do interview* It was fun and challenging as you gotta record video of a car which is driving fast. Not forget to mention the camera is not light too =) Went to Genting twice, nice weather up there! Misty and cooling. Not sharing the back scene photos of Nigel doing the video shooting yet. But here is an interesting hat with two Chinese word on it. Instead of the usuall word "Pop", "發右" is printed on the hat. What's so special about it? Pronounce it out loud a few times you will know the underneath meaning. Too bad I didn't catch it at first time lol. You can subscribe to TianChad @ 永遇乐 or follow @TianChad on Twitter for future blog post update =) Press the "Like" button and share with your friend kay? Thanks~!

Remember To Wash Your Hands After...

Saw this video from Facebook and thinking of cheering people up. Especially for those who are emo now~! This is called "LOL Monkey" I noticed that in public toilet not all guys wash their hand after using the toilet. Does it happen in ladies washroom too? I hope not... You can subscribe to TianChad @ 永遇乐 or follow @TianChad on Twitter for future blog post update =) Press the "Like" button and share with your friend kay? Thanks~!

Funny MV:自由发挥 - 死定了

Harlo guys, just back from Paramore Concert and feel that it is too late to post up some photos/videos. So today wanna share with you guys a funny and talented MV by Taiwan Chinese Youtube's Star "自由發揮" . 自由发挥 - 死定了 I find the MV - “死定了” looks really funny especially the boy who act in the MV. He is really potential in record more videos! Let see how he acts okay? I am sure you don't want to miss out the video below~! 自由發揮-死定了 MV 自由發揮 首張專輯即將在2010年11月發行,收錄過往經典歌曲,以及全新創作。【死定了】音樂錄影帶是由 "自由發揮" 獨立製作,從腳本的設計、現場的導演拍攝、後製的剪輯,通通一手包辦。期待用音樂跟影­像讓大家的生活中,充滿更多趣味。更多的自由發揮請上 Facebook 及無名尋找自由­發揮。現在收看的是otfonetwofree自由發揮專屬youtube頻道。 Kinda impressed with 自由發揮 (李伯恩,阿達) because they record this MV all by their own and the MV definitely attracted lots of attention especially the scene where people misunderstood that the kid was trying to burn the house after broke the vase. But actually not as he was trying to create romantic effects using the candles, lol~ But still, be careful when

What did he/she saw?

A random post today! I was at the Timesquare Cosmo's World Theme Park in one fine day to hang out with some Nuffies and Nuffnangers. Then I saw two kids. So what did he saw? Two kids playing mini bumper car. And what did Vivien saw? Lol! Find this picture funny & cute at the same time especially when she pointing finger like a kid. More pictures will be reveal soon when time allow kay? ^@^" If you don't know yet I am still in the running of My Selangor Story Travel Blogging Contest , and I do need your support by comment on the below blog post + vote for me (no need register) : Day 1 : Firefly, iCity & Uptown Shah Alam [Vote Here] Day 2a: Royal Selangor Knock Knock [Vote Here] Day 2b: Cooling Genting Themepark + Dazzle Show [Vote Here] Day 3 : ChinSweeTemple + kanChing Waterfall + Fireflies [Vote Here] Day 4 : Paddy Fields @ Dorani Homestay + Sunway Pyramid [Vote Here] Day 5a: Happy Tropicana Medical Centre [Vote Here] Day 5b: Bungy @ Sunw