Miss Korea Pop Balloon On His...WHAT?!

Balloon Popping Game Gone Crazy with Miss Korea

Balloon Popping Game Gone Crazy with Miss Korea

All right guys, today's post is a short one because it is a throwback video of my fun moments in Club Med Cherating. The other day Daniel found the video of Miss Malaysia crowned as Miss Cherating after sang this song, and he asked if I can upload video of him doing some stunts with Miss Korea. So here you go!! Firstly, I would like to apologize for my LOL as it was really funny and I didn't expect the GO from Club Med Cherating would really do that. I salute you GOX! (He is the awesome GO from Korea)

From the video below you will see Miss Korea did 'her' best to impress the judges by doing the Psy Gentleman lap dance and also popping balloon on this man. 

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Miss Korea Pop Balloon On His... | Club Med Cherating 

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If you want to know what are the things to do in Club Med Cherating, read this post. Or else just watch the video below =)

21 Things To Do In Club Med Cherating #ClubMed #ClubMedCherating 

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