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"She" Hurt Her Eye

Slippery road on a rainy day, Tiring me can't see my way. With just a bump he say "hey", This will cause me a thousand pay! Yeah...Tonight is my unlucky day, had a crush on Hilux wei, tayar puncit side dented, Now my car shoot "sepet" ray... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is my first time to feel FML, and I hope this is my last time too! Luckily I just ruin the "Milo shell" of my car but not the inside organs (radiator and engines +++). Now I need to get more money to cure this "extra" spend. Hmm... Maybe it is the right time to ask for a raise? PS: Click on the ads on my blog will somehow help me a little bit? T.t ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Corrected "hurted" to "hurt".Thanks AngelKein for correcting my English! ^@^" So to all my blog readers, please correct me when I use broken+wrong english kay? Your comment is appreciated!

BIG Boys' Toys @ Breakers (Sri Hartamas)

On last last boring Sunday, I was surfing around FB and noticed there is a mail from Ad v ertlets It was an invitation to the launch of "Monday Night Boys Toys" Venue: Boiler Room @ Breakers, Sri Hartamas BRE A KERS I was thinking if I want to involve with something as I was too boring during that time. So I have decided to go BRE A KERS and meet with Josh Lim + Bloggers I've sent an e-mail to Stephanie on that night and received the reply on Monday. Further more, Josh Lim called me on the same day to confirm if I am coming with any friends. I said I would bring a friend if possible as I don't know anyone there yet. (Plus I am not sure who is going) However,I ends up going alone even though my friend is not free. Why? Cause I've promised to go and seats has been reserved. Again, I need my "Good Party Soul-mate" to guide me to Sri Hartamas I can't really see where BRE A KERS located at as it is hiding somewhere I know I am around the place when

Smelly Day After an Unexpected Terrorism

Today was a smelly day for me and all my colleagues ;p As if some of you haven't know I am working as a R&D Executive under fermentation category. I have start a fermentation culture since last week and it deteriorated when I come back yesterday. So decided to sterilize (kill the microbes) it before wash the fermenter. I used the autoclave machine to sterilize the fermenter and guess what?? Due to the culture was deteriorated, it has already smelly. After sterilization, I was almost suffocated by the odor emitted out from the machine when I opened the cabinet . I quickly closed the door and opened the windows nearby to get those smell out of there... But I failed and the smell spread to the office area which is far away from the lab. Some of my colleague searching for the source and thought it was coming out from the air conditioner. And they finally found out it was the smell of my over-cooked culture and my fault for not using the deodorizer specially used with autoclave mac

Lucky Hari Haji

Going back Puchong on Hari Haji and every Malay I saw wearing good -looking clothes My bus departure at 1 PM and I reach Puchong's house around 5 PM... DELIMA- the bus service I use to go back Puchong The air conditioner in the bus was not open and I ask the driver to switched it on after he departure. I asked:" Bang, boleh buka air-cone tak?" He replied:" Tadi kan I dah cakap, air-cone sudah rosak!" Silently I go away...I'm sure the driver very "bo-song" working on his holiday. I thought we all will get suffocated in the bus as no window can be opened... Luckily the driver bring us to the DELIMA's Garage to change to another bus. The new bus also sent to hospital before, you can hear the bus engine's sound very very loud. But at least air conditioner is working. Praying the new bus wont broken in the middle of the road. This driver very good at "entertaining" us When he happy he accelerate fast, and when he happy again he deceler

Something for nothing

Never think of getting something for nothing It is getting harder and harder and I must improve ---------------------------------------- I'm getting nearer to it What I need to do is to try harder next time and make sure I got 99 % confidence for that


Have you seen before fished will line up side by side when they are resting? Now you will This is the lucky shot that I did as they rarely do this. Somemore it is hard to take the pictures as when I move they move... If I'm more lucky I can see more fishes sit side by side ------------------------------------------------------- Today went to swim and it last not more than an hour. As only me in the pool and non-stop swimming that tired me fast. Since now I haven't thinking about what kind of job that I really want and the one that I can really get. I didn't search for job seriously as I want to enjoy my life first by doing nothing?? Hmm... I think I will get bored soon by doing nothing at home besides surfing the net and do what others do as well. But from what I know now is it really hard to get rich when you are in science field? I always heard people said that "Only business can make you real rich" Does that make sense to you? I agree with that as when a scien