Have you seen before fished will line up side by side when they are resting?
Now you will

This is the lucky shot that I did as they rarely do this. Somemore it is hard to take the pictures as when I move they move...

If I'm more lucky I can see more fishes sit side by side

Today went to swim and it last not more than an hour.
As only me in the pool and non-stop swimming that tired me fast.

Since now I haven't thinking about what kind of job that I really want and the one that I can really get.
I didn't search for job seriously as I want to enjoy my life first by doing nothing??
Hmm... I think I will get bored soon by doing nothing at home besides surfing the net and do what others do as well.

But from what I know now is it really hard to get rich when you are in science field?
I always heard people said that "Only business can make you real rich"
Does that make sense to you?
I agree with that as when a scientist don't know how to deal with a businessman how can he sell the works he did ?

Therefore I have an idea that supporting the scientist.
Don't just be a scientist, be a scientist that know how to do business!
Haha, it is easy to said that as I know nothing about business.
Even "bursa saham" that my dad had done and undergo long years ago, I still don't really understand about share even I have the chance.
The only thing I know is it isn't only about buy and sell.
There are many other skills that were needed to be a good broker that make people and himself earns.

It is so fast that I I figured out I have been "wasting" my time for a month doing nothing at home (mostly). Now I can understand why people hate about what they did for a long time without changes everyday. Same as a person who always study feel of getting graduate as soon as possible as study is not fun and want to work out there; and there will always other people who has the opposite thought.

Now I've been at home doing nothing and know the routine/schedule of my grandparents ;p
They always sleep earlier than me and wake up earlier too.
They always eat lunch/dinner at 12Pm/7pm
They always watch the TV series starting from 3Pm to 7Pm and had a timeout when ever there is any advertisement goes on.
Oh ya, they remind each other to eat medicine at 4Pm everyday :)
How sweet they are? haha!

The most interesting thing about them is that they rarely mad at each other not as much as my parents did.
Hmmm since I was 12 ...

Oooo, 12:24pm should be my new alarm
I need to get myself fresh up and be prepared for the "things" in future.
Good night and hope we all have a nice day ...~


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