Melody x Azmie | Dancing In The City #SkyArtsPro

Melody x Azmie | Dancing In The City
Melody x Azmie | Dancing In The City

I still remember it was a random photography outing in September that I got myself into. Gary has been planning this with Melody for months and I was like "okay let's just go there kacau to shoot something different".  I brought along girlfriend to the shoot in KL and the first location was at the parking lot near Pavilion KL. Gary was doing his 'Architecture x Dance' 4th Series featuring Melody and Azmie while I just shooting from the side warming up myself. I was trying to capture something like Gary did but after looking back at the photo series, it seems like I tends to capture more on those candid moments happened between the really-not-easy-dance posing shots. 

Gotta say thanks to Melody Tee and Azmie Zanal Abdden for thinking all sorts of dance moves and poses while we composite the photos. I gotta say it was definitely not easy to do all those poses and hold it for as long as they can. I can really feel the passion of them towards dancing and glad that they are doing what they love =)

It was actually the first time I met Melody and Azmie and I barely know them haha. Anyhow, I do hope you guys like what I've captured the other day. The elegance in dance, and the happiness and laughter found during the photoshoot. Presenting you: Melody x Azmie Dancing In The City

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We changed our location to the entrance of a basement parking and that's where many things happened in one place. Other than just posing, Melody and Azmie also did climbing, jumping and perhaps some unexpected injuries when trying to strike that one best pose with several attempts.

Actually this kinda illustrate part of life, we can't expect everything happen smoothly the way we want as there will always be unexpected life challenges appear along the progress. All we gotta do is to face the challenge, try harder and makes it work. Success is for people who persist on and keep trying even after multiple failures. Woot, random life philosophy came out from me suddenly hahaha. Guess I was trying to remind myself not to be perfectionist and that's how life is.

So above photos are actually captured and to focus on their dance pose, elegant and powerful movement at the same time. Now right below will be photos of their candid and relax moments just like how I usually capture precious moment for a wedding/portrait session. Hope you like the happiness that can be found in here.


A #TCSelfie to remember this fun outing!
Melody, YoongLe, Aznie, Gary, TianChad and Wern
I still remember we were not allowed to shoot photos inside the crossing bridge between Pavilion KL and KLCC. However the guard was kind enough to give us some extra little time to capture last few frames before we call it an end.

All right, that's all about it. Hope you like the photos and do tell me which is your favourite!! I hereby wish Melody and Aznie continue excel in dancing scene while me, Gary and YoongLe continue improve our photography skill and tell better photo stories.

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