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TianChad does go to the gym - stay healthy and get rewarded

Since many years ago, I've been telling myself that I need to keep fit since my baby belly is getting bigger after consuming so many good foods. However, I only manage to 'motivate' myself to go to the gym more frequently starting June 2015.  All thanks to my close friends who were being straightforward and told me, "Wah TianChad you fat liao". That arrow just stroked my heart and that's when I made a decision. *I do appreciate having friends who giving tough advice although sometimes they are just too straightforward haha*

Knowing that my tummy will continue get bigger if I don't start to do something, I started small by swimming, visit the gym more often and playing with dumbbells. Now is the era where people tend to have a healthier lifestyle in order to stay fit and healthy. Not only you will look better and more confident in person, that's the main motivation for us to continue enjoy Malaysia's authentic and delicious food!!

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Beautiful waffles with ice-cream from The Owls Cafe
Beautiful waffles with ice-cream from The Owls Cafe
Cafe hopping has become a norm for youngster these days and I am 'guilty' of it too. Sometimes we will visit a few cafes during the weekend to try out different food. Eating like this and without exercise, how not to get fat? Haha!

That's why since I got "TianChad you fat liao" comment, I've decided to drag myself to the gym more often before rewarding myself with fancy food during the weekend. If you want to eat good food, you definitely need to work for it.

Working my 'baby' abs

As you can see my belly is still there. I might not look slim/fit in person but at least I have manage to maintain my weight from going overboard. Talking about rewarding yourself, I am here to share with you a plan that rewards CASH BACK to those who truly love their health.

Zurich Omni Health is currently the only comprehensive medical plan in the market that rewards CASH BACK to those who love staying healthy. With Omni Health, you can set out to live a full and enriching life. Below are the benefits of the plan:

1.  No Claims Bonus gives you 10% cash back on the premiums paid

When you stay healthy, Zurich Omni Health rewards you with cash back on the premiums paid for your Zurich Omni Health plan. From the 2nd policy year onwards, the annual cash back is payable in the policy year if no claims were made in its preceding policy year. This gives you all the more reason to stay fit and healthy!

2.  Z Wellness Care safeguards your wellbeing

Under Z Wellness Care, the Wellness Reward Programme will rewards you as you get better. If you have health setbacks such as high cholesterol or being obese at the point of purchasing this plan, you will be placed under the Wellness Reward Programme. Should your health condition improve by the end of the programme, Zurich will reduce your premiums. So, now it’s more rewarding to eat right, exercise and get healthy. You may read the example here.

3.  Mobile application that works like your handy personal assistant

Taking charge of your health is also more convenient with Zurich Omni Health. After purchasing this plan, you can download the MiCare MyMed mobile application to:

  • Purchase vaccinations offered through Health Optimiser at discounted rates. Locate the nearest panel clinics that offer the vaccinations.
  • Track your progress under the Wellness Reward Programme. Receive reminders and locate the nearest panel clinics for health assessments.
  • Locate the nearest panel hospitals via its built-in Google Maps / Apple Maps feature.

4.  Cashless facility that offers hassle-free hospital admission

Zurich Omni Health offers cashless facility, which makes your hospital admission hassle-free. In times of emergency, just show your medical card for speedy admission and medical attention at any of our panel hospitals. Upon hospital discharge, you only need to settle your co-insurance charges while we take care of the balance of the covered expenses in your bill.

You gotta stay fit so you can enjoy travelling around the world. Isn't this a good way to reward yourself?

So who is eligible for Zurich Omni Health Plan?

Omni Health is a standalone non-participating medical plan that is available to anyone between 30 days attained age and 59 years last birthday.

Another big reason for me to stay healthy is to have longer life span to spend with my partner. Well, that's my way to show my love. How bout you?? If you don't have a medical plan yet, Zurich Omni Health that allows you to rewards yourself when you get healthier could be a good choice.

OMNI HEALTH CARNIVAL - from 24 Oct to 14 November 2015
OMNI HEALTH CARNIVAL - from 24 Oct to 14 November 2015

For more information about Zurich Omni Health, visit or call-in Zurich's toll free number at 1-300-888-622.

"Stay healthy and get rewarded"

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