My Trip To Mabul Island #ProveYourself

Mabul Island - The place I found the love for diving

Mabul Island - The place I found the love for diving 

Hey guys, I've been busy travelling without my laptop for the past few weeks hence I didn't draft any post until today! Finally I got something nice to share with you guys and this is just the beginning of me sharing my travel journeys through my new action cam!!

Few weeks back I've been engaged by Sony for their Action Cam campaign – ‘Prove Yourself: Enjoy New Journeys’ and throughout my travels I will be using FDR-X1000V Action Cam to record my travels and share out the visual stories. 

This is actually my first travel video recorded and created solely by using FDR-X100V Action Cam and the Highlight Movie Maker for a their quick 2 minutes highlight video feature.  All I need to do was choosing desired videos of the day, set the video length to 2 minutes, and choose background music for the video. Although the Highlight Movie Maker was not perfect in doing what I desired, the video below was completed within 3 minutes and I think the editing was kinda cool. Especially when it can save you so much time in editing the videos yet sharing some highlight of the day =D

My Journey To Mabul Island with Sony FDR-X1000V Action Cam #ProveYourself 

To travel to Mabul Island you will need to take three types of transport (airplane, van and speedboat). In my case, it was four types as I took the train to KLIA2. So as the warm up and welcome video of my travel journey with this action cam, I am here to show you a little sneak peek of what we saw underwater of Mabul Island.

Now follow me on my exciting adventures in Mabul Island! Stay tuned for more videos coming you way on my Facebook page!!

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Here's some photos taken using Sony FDR-X100V Action Cam 170 degree wide camera lens!! Now I can have a different camera gear to take the #TCSelfie haha.

Blue sky . White clouds. Airasia

Boat Ride to Mabul Island

View from top of the bajau laut and their boat

Sphere Divers - Mabul Island, Malaysia

Sea turtle can be easily spotted at Mabul Island
My Journey To Mabul Island with Sony FDR-X1000V Action Cam #ProveYourself 

Selfie wih the window view on airplane is much easier now with the Action Cam

My next travel video will be featuring the beautiful underwater creatures that can be found at Mabul Island. If you love diving, remember to come to Mabul Island! Stay tuned!!

You may check out these hashtags  ( #ActionCam #ProveYourself #TravelwithActionCam) for videos and photos taken using Sony Action Cam!!

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