Chicken Spaghetti??

Autumn Leaves In Japan
Autumn Leaves In Japan

So after a long week travel to Japan, I was tired but happy that I was lucky enough to experience my first autumn in Shinjuku and a few more beautiful places. Thanks The Wedding Notebook and Hilton Tokyo for the sponsored stay and air tickets. (I won it from their Instagram contest) Can you imagine that you can easily walked up to 17km a day in Disneysea itself?? My legs were tired like hell at the end of the day. Luckily the place I stay have instant hot water so I can dip my legs in the tub for a quick recovery.

Today I wanna rant bout something that I encounter on the flight during my way back to Malaysia. So far I was satisfied with the services given by the airline but I was really disappointed when I met a male stewardess that looks professional but act the other way round.

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As I got on the plane, I plug on my earphones because I want to watch on-plane-movies. Although the advertisement was kinda long before the movie, I don't mind it as I can fast forward it. The dashboard response kinda slow too but I do understand that as the aircraft is not new. All you need is patience and give it some time to switch the screen. Most of the air stewardess looks matured and experienced and I was hoping to receive professional services too. (Or maybe I just have too much expectation)

Now let me call this specific male air stewardess as Mr. P, during the time they serving snack, the passenger beside me was sleeping soundly but he was awaken by Mr. P when he was giving out packet of peanuts.  The passenger was kinda annoyed when he got waken up again when he serving drinks and requested him not to wake him up again and decided to skip his meal. Well that's his unhappy story and now my turn.

I remember I was enjoying the movie 'Match' with my earphones on when I saw Mr. P and a female stewardess start to serve lunch. After I remove my earphones, the first thing I heard was 'Chicken Spaghetti'? So I thought they ran out of meal choices in their current tray (left Chicken Spaghetti only) and I was like, alright let me have the chicken spaghetti by just saying "Okay". Instead of giving me a meal, Mr. P somehow decided to talk to his colleague and make fun of me, "I said Chicken (or) Spaghetti he said okay" (with rolled eyes) and continue his 'Chicken Spaghetti question' to other passengers. That's when I only realize that he asked if I want Chicken OR Spaghetti, not Chicken Spaghetti. To be specific, it is actually Japanese Chicken Katsudon or Spaghetti with Scallops in Green Sauce.

I was really pissed off with his attitude but I just ignored his bad attitude since his colleague just ignored his sarcasm. To be fair, other stewardess were definitely polite, at least they have the courtesy to explain what are the meal choices with gentle voice. Dear Mr. P, I understand that you were trying to serve everyone in fast speed and keep conversation short, but please do have more patience or the courtesy to repeat your question in better clearer way. Not making fun of your passenger in front of everyone. That's just rude.

I was trying to ease their job but ended up receive sarcasm.. Since I can't forget bout this bad experience,  I just decided to write it down to release my anger and treat it as a lesson for myself. What have I learnt? Next time I will ask what are the other available choices instead of just accept what they have in the tray. And yeah, please, I don't want to meet Mr. P again in any airline.

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