The GoPro4 That Will Be Forever Under The Sea of Padang, Indonesia

The last time I saw this GoPro4 under the sea
So yeah, I am back from Padang, Indonesia for the diving and surfing trip. It was fun and relaxing as many things had happened and tons of memories recorded on both my cameras and the GoPro4 which I borrowed from a good friend. Oh well, due to some emergency situation underwater, the GoPro somehow didn't make it back to the boat. I guess it sunk away with the swift wave the other day...

Yeah I lose the GoPro4 at the sea of Padang Indonesia and the story is like this...

Tiny little sea urchin hiding at the corals
We were diving at the dive site called 'Batu Yani' in Padang Indonesia. Since some of us were holding onto the stones underwater, I took the initiative to take a group photo of them. After that I saw this tiny cute sea urchin that I wanted to take photo of it. Within just 10 seconds when I turn back to check out my friends, one of them suddenly become panicked and couldn't breath properly. Luckily there were two friends (one who was holding the GoPro4) beside him who shared the spare regulator, and one of our dive master came to the rescue.

Since he panicked, two of my friends together with the dive master escorted him to the top and they are safe. Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances the GoPro4 has never made its way onto the boat. I guess it got loosen somehow from my friends handling and being flush away by the wave...Now the GoPro 4 is under the sea...under the sea~

I was sad that we can't find the GoPro4 but at least my our friend are save. I bet he was really panicked when he can't breath under water. I was using a 64GB Memory Card so  all the underwater footage recorded throughout the whole trip has gone missing together with the wave...

Sigh... I am actually still feeling really sad yo. Our dive master said there's still 10% chance to find back the GoPro but ask us not to put too much hope. Anyhow, I do hope that somebody will able to find the GoPro who got lost at the 'Batu Yani' Dive Site as there are a lot memorable footage inside it.

This is a blog post hoping that person who found the GoPro will able to find the owner. If you able to find it, just return the memory card to us and you can keep the GoPro as reward.

I feel sorry to my friend who lend me his GoPro4 and I will definitely pay back the money to return your favour. Anyway, let's look at the brightside!! Hopefully I can go back to the diving site again and find it or somebody kind will found the treasure underwater. Dear GoPro4, you will always be remembered, hope you found a mermaid under the sea~

Nemo found hiding in the corals @ Padang Indonesia
I am currently rolling through the photos taken during my Padang diving trip, hopefully it won't take too long for me to share this travel post =)

*Underwater photos captured using Olympus OMD EM5 MarkII with the customized underwater  waterproof casing. (Olympus PT-EP30)*

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