Samsung NX1 120FPS Slow-Motion Video Test - Happy Kid At The Beach

Samsung NX1 120FPS Slow-Motion Video Test: Happy Kid At The Beach
Samsung NX1 120FPS Slow-Motion Video Test - Happy Kid At The Beach 
By the time I am writing this post it is already 1.30am in the mid-night. The reason why I wanted to write this time down is to remind myself how much time I've spent to figure out how to make the 120p or 120fps video footage recorded using Samsung NX1 usable and editable at Adobe Premiere Pro. Most of the video converter that I found through Google are not free or free but not fully functional without paying for their software. Luckily SourceForge got great contributor that create the video converter for free. Now I can finally use the software that converts H.265 movie file into other codec.

Below is the video recorded at 120 frames per second (120fps) using Samsung NX1 at 1080p resolution. People has been comparing it with Panasonic GH4 96fps slow-mo and you may just YouTube that for the comparison video. The main thing that I wanna share with you guys is that with Samsung NX1 you can have high quality 1080 slow-motion video recorded at 120fps. The only main concern for me is the extra time that I need to convert the H.265 movie file to other usable codec. I can only edit the video footage after convert it. Just check out the video below:

Samsung NX1 1080P 120FPS Slow-Motion Video Test: Happy Kid At The Beach 

Please note that this is just a simple slow-motion video test, a proper one is still "under construction". There's a black dot at the bottom left of the screen, it was the sand that accidentally sticked on the lens surface ya, not dead pixels for sure. I've left the video recording setting auto hence that time Samsung NX1 adjusted the exposure accordingly to the changing light condition. You can see the quick changes of video exposure when the boy running around. (from facing the light to backlight).

I am still new to the Samsung NX1 but in future I will have more videos AND photos to share with you guys =) The 120fps slow-mo video above was recorded using Samsung NX1 paired with #TCFisheye lens. I've always love that lenses ;p

On a side note, I am going for a diving trip soon this coming 14-18 March. Definitely need a getaway after being in the city for so long ;p Hopefully I manage to bring new toys to capture precious moments underwater~ I did saw a nice underwater casing from AquaTech that can fit my Nikon D800 but the price is not cheap yo. The AquaTech Elite D800 Sport Housing is pricing at USD 1,895 and it is not cheap at all. Hopefully I can find the right man to work together for an underwater project in the future. 

Take care!!

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