My First TV Interview with Bella Mars ntv7

#TCSelfie with Belinda Chee and SonaOne @ Bella ntv7 Studio
So there was this one day Lily, the producer of Bella ntv7 sent me an invitation to talk about blogging and find out what male bloggers blog about on Bella Mars Episode.  I was hesitate at first because worry that I will be very nervous and look silly in the TV. But yeah this TV interview opportunity doesn't come everyday (and this will be my first time on TV), so I've decided to go for it and appear wider on the TV hahaha. 

After knowing other male online writers who will be attending together (Niki Cheong, Brian See and Max Law), I feel relief because I know them in person. I didn't know who will be the host for Bella until the day we got on the TV. It was Belinda Chee, the host I know since 8TV Quickies and it was a pleasure to be on the broadcast channel together. Time does really fly and Belinda has became a mom of a cute daughter and yet still looks slim fit.
I arrived at Nat Seven Studio @ Glenmarie before the on-air time (of course la) and already saw Brian and Max there. Both of them dressed up nicely and I wish I have their fashion sense to dress up well too. Both Max and Brian are male fashion blogger and Brian do more #ootd on his Instagram while Max more hesitate to do it. I like how Max give advice and tips on Men Fashion as I don't see many guys in Malaysia doing it. Best thing is when Max doing giveaway haha.

Mr Brian See -  a guy who are 24/7 ready for photoshoot haha
I don't know how to cover the imperfection on my face. Thankfully Nur, the make-up artist of the day help me do some quick touch-up so I won't look that fatigue on the TV after an overnight photo editing the day before. Check out her make-up box!! *puff-puff*

Simple touch up by Nur the make-up artist of the day
I know men nowadays are very metrosexual to have own makeup tools and make sure themselves look presentable. Well I think I should learn how to take care of my skin from them asap. Niki Cheong, one of the mentor blogger/writer I know since I started blogging. Niki can definitely write in-depth article about a topic and very informative I can say =) He is the man who won a new car through blogging yo!! How cool is that??

#TCSelfie with Brian See, Niki Cheong and Max Law
To be honest, I wasn't nervous until I reach the broadcast studio knowing that I will be on air very soon. A few questions were given to all of us so we have the idea of what to answer and things to say in our mind. The best way to fight the on-tv-fear is by practicing yourself with QnA. Just imagine yourself already in the program, ask yourself the question and practice answering them, this will definitely makes you feel more prepared to be on a live show.

Bella Studio @ Nat Seven Sdn Bhd
So this is how a TV studio look like. Basically the same space has three different segments. Left is the kitchen, middle is the interview area with comfortable sofas and open space at the right for artist performance or tutorial by just adding a table to it. There are several TV on top so you know what's happening live on TV, prepare yourself before advertisement/program start. Thanks to the awesome videographer that make us looks good and in focus hahaha.

Seeing myself from the TV Screen is so...wide hahaha
Thanks to Astro, I get to record myself on the TV from home.  So that's how I looks like on the TV, wider version of me. That's why people say they looks fatter on the TV, especially when your HD TV decided to stretch the 4:3 ratio into 16:9 ratio. Surprisingly some of my friend say I was nervous and some say I was steady on TV. Well, I might look calm outside but inside I was like "all right what question Belinda will ask next?? I am so nervous I am gonna die~"

On a side note, there was this really huge fly flying around in the studio and it landed on us from time to time.  I am glad that the videographer never put me on live when the fly landed on my nose for second and I  was shooing it away. Or else this scene will be repeated as promo on ntv7 and title changed to "That awesome fly that want some airtime on Bella"

Basically what we talked about was does it matter what male blogger blog about and how is it different from female blogger. Well no doubts that female blogger can get the limelight easier than guys because I ain't no handsome guy. So it is photos and things that I shared on my blog that grab people attention instead of my #TCSelfie.

There are many people who think that blogging is easy and earning money is like a piece of cake. Well, not for me because I really put much efforts on what I am doing now, posting up pictures that I think it is presentable on the internet and make sure that I myself won't regret once it is up online. I don't have fancy or good command in English writing but I always do my best to let you guys understand what I wanna share.

Looking at the types of bloggers we have in Malaysia, most of us proclaim self as "lifestyle blogger" because we share basically almost everything related to our life. Different from bloggers from other countries, they prefer to focus on a niche so that the readers are targeted and loyal. But now you can see more and more different blogger came up in Malaysia. For example, Fashion Blogger, Technology Blogger, Entertainment Blogger, Parenting Blogger, Travel Blogger, Celebrity Blogger, Photography Blogger, Personal Trainer Blogger, Personal development blogger and so much more.

Well I think I consider myself as the "chap-pa-lang-blogger" because I blog about almost anything as long as I got photos to include into the post. It can be wedding photos I took recently, event that I attend, celebrity that I met, travel photos, things to do in a new place and many more #TCRandom stuff. I didn't really fix a topic on my blog and I guess in year 2015 I shall focus on content that are beneficial to you awesome people who are reading now (besides content that is memorable to myself). I still remember the main reason I have this blog is to record what happened in my life in photos and words as I am a kinda forgetful person. I even google things on my own blog as I sometimes forgot things that happen. This is why I like photography as it capture that precious moments when you look back it makes you smile/remember something meaningful and important to you.

It was a little disappointing that Bella won't able to provide us a copy of our interview video due to copyrights issue. But I do receive an email from News & Ads Monitoring Agency Sdn Bhd offering the news clip at RM132/clip. So yeah, if you are getting interviewed on TV next time, you won't able to get the video automatically but people gonna sell it to you hahaha! (after all I guess it is better that I record it from the TV screen to save the money ha)

#TCSelfie with Henry Golding
Apparently there are other awesome male guest in the studio too, the charming Henry Golding and RnB singer SonaOne.  Henry sharing about his new travel show "Railway Japan" which gonna broadcast on 8TV soon and SonaOne shared about his music career and did live performance at Bella.

SonaOne - No More

Always good to know we Malaysia have awesome music talents too!! I do like to take photos of live performance/music concert and hopefully can do more of these photography assignment in 2015.

Thanks again to Lily and Bella ntv7 for having us on the show and you have just grabbed the "virginity" of me being on the TV for the first time!! I never see this coming but hopefully it encourage me to post more helpful and interesting post on and of course THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT =) Take care~

PS: If you wanna watch it, you can watch it online at, Bella 2014 Episode 249.

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