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张智霖 Chi Lam & Ogawa Smart Sento Launch @ Sunway Pyramid, Malaysia

On 10 January 2015, health and lifestyle brand OGAWA together with their brand ambassador and award-­winning Hong Kong Artiste, Chi Lam Cheung, or more often known as Captain Cool, was here at Malaysia again to promote a healthier lifestyle in conjunction with the new OGAWA Smart Sentro launch event at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Centre.

A few lucky fans who have answered questions correctly about OGAWA Smart Sentro were given opportunity to meet and greet Chi Lam personally not forgetting to have a group photo besides OGAWA merchandise. Some fans who even manage to grab a hug with Chi Lam Captain Cool. It definitely make other people jeolous and shouting at the same time. 

This time I took less photos as I took more video footage instead so that you have live video to watch. Morever video can definitely tell story better for you on what happened too. Check out the video below to see what happened if you've missed it yesterday:
张智霖 ChiLam & Ogawa Smart Sento Launch @ Sunway Pyramid, Malaysia 

张智霖 Chi Lam & Ogawa Smart Sento Launch @ Sunway Pyramid, Malaysia 

Besides introducing the new OGAWA Smart Sento Massage Chair, Chi Lam also interacted with a few lucky fans who attended the event at Sunway Pyramid. Selected customer who purchased the OGAWA Massage Chair get to go up on stage for a group photo with Chi Lam Captain Cool and received autographed poster. Most of the fans were rushing to go down after group photo forgetting that they have got themselves some limited edition OGAWA merchandise too.

A few ladies (her bf/husband wasn't with her haha) who were the lucky fans were brave enough to ask for a hug from Chi Lam. Most of them got the hug except mom who brought kids along. So the mom asked the kids to grab a hug hahaha. If you watch the YouTube video I specially edited you will definitely know what I meant.

Chi Lam shared that the OGAWA Smart Sento Massage Chair is suitable for family members of different size and introduced his favourite massage mode. Revolutionary Triple S-­Track System, which is the massage system that provide a more sensorial massage experience, focusing on the S-Curve including neck, back and hip. The new Smart Sento massage chair also can have personalised massage mode for elderly, adult and youth.

We had a private press conference after the roadshow and media friends asked about his recent involvement in TV programmes and what's his plan during this upcoming CNY. Chi Lam mentioned that since he went to Maldives last year during CNY, this year he will make the time for his family and relatives. Chi Lam also shared that he usually give big angpow to his relative which can reach up to five digits. Really generous family man!!

Chi Lam also told the media that they won't join the shooting of the recent super popular TV Programme "爸爸去哪儿?" since it was hard to arrange time for both parent and kids. And he hope that his children can focus on study first while parent focus on their career.

For more information about Ogawa Smart Sento massage chair, just visit OGAWA Official website -www.ogawaworld.net. If you like to see more photos and videos of Chi Lam in near future, make sure you like this post and share with your friends (who love Chi Lam too).

You may wanna see my previous coverage when Chi Lam Captain Cool first came to Malaysia as OGAWA Brand Ambassador in May last year.

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