Wong Fu Production & David Choi @ #OHHSOME FESTIVAL 2014 | Avenue K

Back in December last year (13 - 14 Dec), it was #OHHSOME Festival 2014 which was held at Avenue K by Hotlink. There are #OHHSOME Bazaar, Talk, Stage with music performance and special appearance of both Wong Fu Production and David Choi together with other talented YouTubers for the weekend. Since I have good friend's wedding to attend on Saturday, I wasn't able to catch up live performance by talented musician like Elizabeth Tan, Narmi. Thanks to friends from Hotlink, I was able to meet up with Wong Fu Production and David Choi the next day for their Meet and Greet and special bowling session with lucky fans who won the passes through Hotlink Red Apps. No I wasn't there to play bowling with them but it was good enough to greet them in person and see how the fans get crazy with them hahaha. I gotta say 90% of the fans are female and they definitely caught people attention.

Threes and Tees were the official #OHHSOME  Festival T-Shirt provider and you can get your shirt with your own name on it

Penang’s food and travel online directory www.tourdirections.com.my
Kendrick Ng from kendylife.blogspot.com. A picture with him and Nana who showed support to comic blogger
Things you do with friend - #Skyfie and MEME creator
So both me and Nana went to upstair for some outdoor activity including the #Skyfie and MEME creator photoshoot. Once you got the photo and upload to your instagram, you will get to have key to unlock the locker which might contain Drone, GoPro and even a new iPhone. Well, I was hoping to win a new GoPro for my upcoming diving trip but too bad luck wasn't on my side.

Nana trying her luck to unlock the locker
I like bubbles!! Glad I was able to play with it and make huge bubbles floating in the air haha

Thanks my gf for taking this photo ;p 

Met awesome bro Hafreez @freezforshort that day. Go follow his instagram!! He is a fun guy with great voice =D

Just a #TCSelfie with @ooigiap from Nuffnang and half of the Twin Towers

Say hi to Justina, new member to Nuffnang family yo~
I wanted to try this but the queue was too long. So I gave up...

Mr Security "No no no no no" - Ernest Ng ;p
#Ohhsome Talk
Due to time constraint and sudden schedule changes, I wasn't able to listen to the talk by Akiraceo but I do support you in spirit kay?? Keep on drawing and inspire this little tiger hahaha. Love his drawing since years ago.

Robin and Shaun during our lunch break
#TCSelfie with Wesley and Philip from Wong Fu Production, David Choi and girls who work with Hotlink the other day
Although I didn't really talk much with them, being able to meet the YouTubers who create great videos and awesome music that inspire you is a good one. That awkward moment when you suddenly become speechless can happen anytime right? Anyway below are photos taken during their bowling sessions with lucky fans and hope I manage to get some good shots.

The moment when Philip gonna make a strike

That happy bunny leap

A fans with broken leg yet insist to meet Wong Fu Pro and David Choi. *Applause*

Exclusive bowling training session with David Choi

Philip gotta get the bowls

That happy moment when she manage to knock down a few pins and recorded by Wesley

Smiling Wesley

When David Choi play bowling, he make sure he looks good 

When Wesley missed it


Slamdunk bowling ft David Choi

JinnyBoy and Michelle - lovely couple =) Met Reuben as well!

@MelakaBoy, one of the awesome people who made this event possible

#TCSelfie with three energetic girls and David Choi

Met new photographer friend Daniel Ho - He snap good photos yo, go check out @oneclickwonders on Instagram

Philip between the horns

Awesome people create awesome work =)

If you guys love to play bowling, Black Bull @ Avenue K could be a good hangout place for you guys =)

Hopefully this year I can brave myself to work together with great people for some awesome YouTube videos/music. To be honest, I am actually an introvert before I start blogging (now still is) and I always try to get myself out there so I can talk more with people. Once we both know each other more I will be more relax and be myself haha. If you think I was ignorant you are wrong, I was just shy and don't know how to say hi to you. Just give me some time kay? Or else we chat on social media first hahaha. I am sure you've met people who can talk better through social media instead of real conversation right??

I hope it can be a small start with photoshoot collaboration then slowly go to video. I have no idea yet but after this post I am gonna edit my travel videos and do some vlog. People say if you wanna be great, you must find time to create something great, not just by watching great thing all the time. I know it is not a trend in reading blog (esp long blog post like mine now ) so I guess now is the right time to do something different~

#Ohhsome Festival 2014 was a good event to have like-minded people hang out together and I can see people had fun in getting stuff they like from the bazaar and enjoy the live performance at the outdoor stage. Hopefully the next one will be even more ohhsome =) Thanks for reading till the end  and hope you like the photos so far!

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