Photography Hangout @ Tokyo Pastry, Kota Damansara

Tokyo Pastry @ Kota Damansara
After knowing both Robin Wong and Jackie Loi for long time, we have finally come out together for another photography outing (since Sekinchan travel photoshoot). Other friends who came along including Anna, Carmen, Calvin and Eunice. This time we choose to practice indoor photography with remote flash hence we decided to visit the Tokyo Pastry which located in Kota Damansara. The place is kinda small but they have nice ambience and the kitchen always make sure they serve their food in very presentable look.

Below are some photos taken while we waiting for our food and mostly are candid shot unless stated otherwise. Dont you think candid photos look more natural and pleasing at the same time? Check out the photos below~
[L-R] Carmen Hong, Robin Wong, Calvin Alexi, Jackie Loi, Anna Bella Wong, Eunice Yuen
Thanks to Jackie we manage to have Eunice as our model of the day alongside Carmen and Anna. I consider the first few photos posted here are warm up and do look forward for the photo after this post =) I usually fire my flash from my speedlight which attached to my DSLR so it is kinda limited if you wanna achieve different kind of lighting. That's why we were all there bring out all the lights that we have to play with and to learn remote flash. Some of the lighting tools that we used including a portable soft box, remote flash trigger, flash guns and reflectors.

Colourful tea cup @ Tokyo Pastry

Anna loves to drink coffee

The universal hand signage and happy Robin

Jackie with his huge ass lens attached on his Olympus hahhaa

Candid shot for Calvin

Playing with remote flash and finding suitable angle for photoshoot later

Harsh light on Anna the tea lady 

Bounced ceiling lights always give you a soft look

Bounced light and remote flash triggered

Little octopus swimming in the pasta

It was fun hanging out with photographer friends because we got common interest (photography) and learn to improve self by getting together and practice our photography skill. Just like above photo, you get to try LED lights, ring lights and many other kind of camera gears because it is not cheap if you wanna own all these gears alone. (unless you are rich la ;p)

Besides that, you learn more if you learn together with friends. That's what I like =) Below is the photo captured with two light illuminate from front side and back. It looks simple yet manage to bring out the details of the food we order.

Stay tune for my next post with more portrait photos!! I took quite a lot photos and wonder which to and not to post. Hopefully found a suitable arrangement and makes you feel ease scrolling through the photos next time. 

PS: Are you hungry now? Haha!

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