10 Modeling Posing Ideas for Female Photoshoot featuring Eunice Yuen

Remote flash photography with Eunice Yuen ft @eunice_mann

After sharing some photos of Anna taken at Tokyo Pastry, now is the time for me to share photos of Eunice Yuen a.k.a @eunice_mann on Instagram. Thanks for spending time with us so I can practice remote-flash photography and posing model at the same time. Every time after a photoshoot, sometimes I do facing tough time in choosing one photo out of similar pose to show here. Why? Cos it is important to balance between quality vs quantity (some people said). I do think that I must strip down the amount of similar photos so that my photos can stand out more. With that people also will feel that your photos won't be repeating/draggy at the same time. 

Now shall we scroll down for more photos?? Do leave a comment below about which photo is your favourite/it-can-be-removed!! Or else, just let me know what's your thought about this series of photos ya. Arigato Gozaimasu~

Most of the time during a photoshoot, people not sure how they should pose in front of the camera. Even I myself will get nervous if stand in front of the camera. Therefore it is very important for photographer (not just model themselves) to know which pose is good for the model. As a photographer, you must find the right angle and ways to bring out the good details and hide little flaws creatively by just changing the way the model stand or pose.

As you can see from photos above, a single changes on hand gesture and placement will give you different kind of feel. Some of the idea being used here includes closed eyes, look to the side/straight to the camera, different hand gestures, turn-around-and-look-back and the flip hair moment. There are so much more posing idea and you may wanna read this posing guides for female models by DPS.

Here's some additional tips for models. If you want your arms to look slim in photo, just lift it up a bit so it won't be squeezed to your body torso. Oh ya for photoshoot try not to wear horizontal stripes shirt as it add up inches to your size haha. Wear black instead of white to have slimmer body.

If you haven't noticed, I do mix up photo with and without flash. It seems like photo with additional light from the softbox does give distinct result. The light is more even on subject and most importantly it give "life" to Eunice's eyes. I always think that in order to take a nice portrait, you must make sure the eyes look sharp and clear. It is the tiny details ( for example, the reflection of the softbox which portray as white dot on her eyes) that makes difference on your photo. 

Some people prefer ring lights to give that awesome ring effect on the eyeballs. I am not sure which size of ring light is suitable but the bigger and closer it is the more obvious it will be on model's eyes.

Next, I will share photos of Anna, Eunice and Carmen taken together for a tea-time and family themed photoshoot. 

PS: If you/your friend have awesome photography idea and need a photographer to execute, do feel free to email/contact me so we can collab together. No matter if you are a model, photographer, make-up artist or just photography enthusiast, just buzz me with more info and we can try out something new together.

Do let me know if you need my photography services too! 

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