Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2014: Street Photography with You #SCKLM2014

Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2014
If you ask me to choose between running and swimming, I will definitely go for swimming because it is more comfortable and relaxing for me instead of panting for breath after a run haha. My lovely girlfriend love to run so I accompanied her to Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2014 the other day. Seriously, I find it difficult to wake up early in the morning at 5am just to go for a morning run. But well it is once a year to witness this huge KL marathon in the beautiful heart of Malaysia. 

I was planning to take photos for girlfriend and friends at the finish line but in the end I think I took more street shoots and shoot something different this time (real excuse is because I didn't manage to spot them at the finish line hahaha)

We decided to take the LRT from Bukit Jalil to prevent traffic jam in the KL City. So it was rare to see all the green monsters gathered together heading toward the same place. The train get even more packed when we getting nearer to the destination.

Taking a short rest, yawning, talking with friends happening inside the same train. The only difference between them are the colorful running shoes haha

Selfie with gf and friends~ All wear striking color shirt so easy to spot each other after the run

Runners among the runners

Super packed on a weekend. People walking around and waiting for their turn

Voice of Percussion: Drums are one great motivator during the marathon. After all it is the beats that move us

Run Forest run!!

*drums rolling*

"You and Me Buskers"
After they started to run in Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2014, I walked to the finish line area and stumble into a music band who perform right at the middle of the road. Hope they like this photo that I took especially the singer ;p Keep it up "You and Me Buskers"!! You are doing it right by standing out doing something different.

"You and Me Buskers"

Getting nearer to the finish line @ Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2014

Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur #TCFisheye

Father taking photo for his children
Everytime when I see people taking photo for others, I feel like wanna help them take a group photos together but shy guy like me decided to take photo from the side instead. Anyhow I am always happy to help if they approached me for a few clicks.

One of the kid noticed me taking their photo and said "Dad, that guy took our photo just now". I walked away because I don't wanna have this photo deleted from my camera. But I guess the right way is still to show them the photos and ask if it is okay for me to keep it. Anyhow kids, if you are reading this and wanna have this photo removed, let me know yo.

I think local people are more friendly in having their photos taken than people who came from oversea, especially children were being taught to inform parents if their photo were being taken without any permission.

That's actually one fun thing to learn from Street Photography, the actual way is to approach strangers and ask if they allow their photos being taken and even being shared online. I've met many who reluctant but I met even more people who love to have their photos taken and I email them the photos as a gift. If you are doing it right, you could be the next Sartorialist who documnt down nice photos on the street.

Merdeka oh merdeka

I find that there are many runners with outstanding running outfit so here are some photos taken near the finish line.

QUick energy recharge by having banana

Stay suave after long run

When runner friends meet together - Happy

Nicholas Mak - the Malaysian guy with tattoo haha

The coolest female runner on the track

Met YeeHou and friend~

A moment for you to show off your hard earn body shape

Sharon - My awesome friend who love running and doing better everytime. Keep it up!

Selfie with handsome buddy Allen Chin sending you a wink haha

Tired so let's have a quick nap on the grass

#SCKLM2014 conquering Dataran Merdeka

Congrats to friends who got their medals!!

"Mom, can we run faster?"
My favourite picture when it show love in the photo

Kuala Lumpur, you do have beautiful side of view =)
Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2014 #SCKLM2014 

That's all for my Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2014 Photo Stories. Hope you like it!! Remember to spot yourself from the video above haha. It was taken for #SCKLM2014 10km runners.

All photos above were taking using Samsung NX30 together with 10mm FishEye lens, 16mm and 55-200 zoom lens. Hope you like #TCFisheye as much as I do ;p

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