Harith Iskander's #LaughMalaysia Memang Terlalu Istimewa

Harith Iskander "To Know Malaysia is to Laugh Malaysia" @ Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil 29 Oct 2014

Harith Iskander "To Know Malaysia is to Laugh Malaysia" @ Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil29 Oct 2014

Courtesy of Nuffnang, I had so much laugh at Harith Iskander "To Know Malaysia is to Laugh Malaysia" Stand up comedian together with Dr. Jason Leong and the naughty comedian Papa CJ all the way from India. I just realized that this whole show involved  Malay + Chinese + Indian Comedian =D *no racist yo* I really like how Harith Iskander end this show by promoting the real Satu Malaysia spirit. No matter what races you are, you are always Malaysian and there won't be needs to tick on which races you are in near future. #NuffnangXLaughMY #LaughMalaysia #HarithIskander

Basically Harith Iskander was sharing some of his family stories with jokes within it. I will always remember that shining red Lord's Taylor outfit on Harith Iskander because Harith always pulling his pants hahaha. 

Dr. Jason Leong is a full-time doctor and being funny is his favourite thing to do aside from healing the patients. Papa CJ has lots of funny jokes of him meeting different kind of people and story bout funny perceptions on Indian especially through Slumdog Millionaire. 

To my surprise, Harith Iskander manage to get Adibah Noor to be the emcee and sort of became a comedian and most importantly she sang during the show. Adibah Noor, you are special. That's why you are Terlalu Istimewa.

Thanks to Harith Iskander, I went to google the MV for this song but it is totally different that what he told. Well at least I had a great laugh for his act together with this song =) Anyhow, here's the MV for Adibah Noor's Trlalu Istimewa:

Terlalu Istimewa - Adibah Noor

Terlalu Istimewa - Adibah Noor (Karaoke Version)

Since I love high quality music, you can listen to this istimewa song on Spotify. Glad they uploaded it there for quality audio. I have found the istimewa woman in my life, I hope that together we can have a wonderful journey in life  =) 

Hopefully it won't take that long to have the second huge stand up comedy at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil because it is a perfect place for any huge event. Thank you to all the sponsors who made this show possible. G'night!! I am gonna have a sweet dream tonight =D

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