6 Tools to Help You Take Better Selfie/Wefie

Selfies has already become part of our life ever since #selfies started on Instagram. I believe you who are confident in sharing owns look is always looking for tips to take better selfies photos and post to Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and many more social media channel online. So today I am sharing with you the tips and tools I use to shoot better selfies and you definitely gonna find this helpful and look good in your next photo!!

It seems like even at concert venue you will see people selling that monopod that allows you to take selfie with your mobile phone / smartphone. We just want to share more instead of just a face of ourselves with limited space for friends and awesome scenery behind. So here it is, the monopod that all smartphone users wanna get now:

1. The Monopod/Pole/Stick with Phone Holder
Monopod/Pole/Stick with Phone Holder
This Monopod pole phone holder is best paired with a BlueTooth Shutter Device. It will definitely make your selfie look more natural. One big tips when using this selfie stick is to tilt the phone at 45 Degrees instead of 90 Degrees so that you can avoid seeing too much of that stick in your picture. You can find this on www.cameralah.com.

2. FishEye/Macro/Telephoto Lens Set for Smartphone
FishEye/Macro/Telephoto Lens Set for Smartphone - Photojojo
I got the similar product for my smartphone last time. All thanks to GSC Cinema for the meaningful lucky draw gift. Basically this series of mini lens set considered as a type of lens upgrade for your smartphone. For example, Photojojo has a cool set of lens ranging from fisheye lens to macro and telephoto lens. Therefore to create great images using these lens, you need to have a smartphone with great camera ya.

3. GoPro Hero 3+/4 for Wide Angle Video and Photo
GoPro Hero 4 for Wide Angle Video and Photo
If you have budget for a mini size but powerful photo and video camera. GoPro Hero 4 is one of the best selfie camera you can ever have. At the price of RM1500-RM1800, you can get one GoPro Hero 4 with WaterProof case that is suitable for diving and take selfie with sea turtle or even big whales. This is the camera that I am going to use when I go for my next diving trip in Mabul Island =)

The only thing you need to worry is to prepare extra batteries or USB powerbank as they finish up battery easily. Afterall, small size come with a price. You can get this online from www.cameralah.com too.

4. Casion EXILIM Selfie Camera

Casio has came up with a series of Exilim Selfie Camera that is equipped with Skin Brightening Mode and Make-up Mode for even more beautiful selfie photo. (EG. Casio Exilim TR35 at RM3,799) Girls easily fall in love with these camera because it has beautify function. Like their latest Casio EX-FR10 (RM1,800) this splittable camera can do more function like timelapse, personal stand, can clip to your backpack or hat for recording purposes. With the money spent on TR35, I would rather spend it on a nice DSLR =) 

Casio EX-FR10 seems like have a lot of cool function and GoPro like but I wonder how the image quality will turn out. It might not be suitable for travel photography but you may google for its review.

5. DSLR with Wide lens/Fish-Eye lens

#TCSelfie with my DSLR and include the whole PETRONAS Twin Towers

If you are someone who prefer to retain high image quality and don't mind with a bit image distortion. You might wanna get yourself a Wide Lens or Fish Eye Lens to pair with your DSLR as this two are awesome combination especially when you are in a very dark place that need flashgun to brighten it up. I've been using my Nikon D800 (with SB900 Flashgun attached) together with Samyang 8mm FishEye lens to get my selfie right. It is so wide that you can include more than 30 people easily in one selfie. 

The only down side is you gotta have strong hand to hold the DSLR firmly (with the flashgun attached on it it is kinda heavy) and it is kinda bulky for small hands. Oh yeah, it is kinda pricey too if you are not enthusiastic about photography. If you wanna have great images at dim light condition, DSLR+FishEyeLens+FlashGun is the perfect selfie camera you could get.

PS: Samyang 8mm FishEye lens don't have autofocus so you gotta learn to measure the correct distance

6. Smart Camera with FishEye Lens
#TCSelfie with Samsung NX30 Smart Camera and 10mm Fish Eye Lens at Samsung Guide Dog School
As a frequent traveller, I have always find other alternative other than my bulky DSLR. So recently I got myself a Samsung NX30 Smart Camera that is way lighter than my current DSLR. Even their lens is light too. For selfie purpose, I always bring along the 10mm fisheye lens so I can take photo with friend anytime, anywhere I want. Best thing still is to have an additional flip screen so I can place everyone within the frame. Everybody smile for #TCSelfie!!

The only thing you need to take note when using Samsung NX30 is to ask your friend look at the camera lens instead of the flip screen haha!

#TCSelfie with Siti Nurhaliza

As a photographer myself, I gotta say I have benefit a lot by using Fisy Eye lens to take photo with beautiful scenery, friends and even with my favourite artists! Usually you don't have time to find a stranger to help you take photo so taking selfie will definitely save your time. Remember, you can always use a monopod/selfie stick to widen up your camera view whenever your stick can support the weight. Or else, grab a good camera with Flashgun and Fisheye lens so you can take nice wefie and selfie even in the dark =D

I will always remember this #TCSelfie with Stefanie Sun. Looking forward for her concert in Malaysia!!

So here's to more awesome #TCSelfie in coming years!! Thanks for reading!!

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