Street Photography with Olympus @ Pudu Raya - Should U Get One?

All right, before you continue read this post, you should continue read my previous photo post where all photos captured using Olympus OMD EM1 togehter with 75mm and 25mm f.18 featuring the Sri Mahamariamman Indian temple. This will be the last post about Olympus Street Photography featuring the wet market instead, the place where I met two interesting people and heard their story.
Angry Bird

Three happy smile

While on our way walking to the Chinatown's wet market, I capture the photo of the kid above and he was happy to call his brothers to check me out. "Bro!! Come quickly!! He took my photo!! =)"  His elder brother was curious and his younger brother showed a happier smile when I pressed the shutter =) Love their genuine smile as grown up people tends to fake their smile when they grow older. Why? Sadly because smile has become part of their job duty. 

A tramp sleeping by the roadside without any strawmat/cardboard

A close-up of his feet that seems went through a lot of things. That cracked heel

An old building - Hotel City Inn

Wild plant grows at the window of the abandoned building


Robin shared tips to shoot something even more interesting with the water reflection
Robin  was showing how to be more creative with your photography, instead of just shooting something directly, you can include the reflection formed at the puddle of the water by just placing your camera at low angle. That's when you will find the flip screen useful.

Water splash

With Olympus OMD EM1's quick 5-axis focusing, I believe I can capture better water droplets next time =) So far I am quite impressed with EM1's accurate AND fast focusing. It increase the chance of me getting the stealth shoot. 

Kids jump

Was snapping the door frame but thought that snapping this child doing the jump would be good. He was playing around by himself.

Breakfast is ready

Saw this uncle passing by sending the half-boiled eggs and coffee to his client. Thanks to Olympus OMD EM1 fast focusing, I manage to focus on the eggs correctly while he moved quickly. 

"小心狗咬人" "Beware of dog bites"

Spotted this warning sign at the back alley but it seems the dog is more afraid of me. H just left instead of barking at me. Maybe because I was born in year of Tiger? Hahhaa 

福 @ Prosperity

Just playing with the bokeh effectfeaturing the word 福 (Prosperity) with an uncle cooking behind. All these can only be seen from the back alley. This is when Jackie called as I "fall out" from the group. We then gathered up again and head to another place.

Fruit stall's aunty
We did a quick pitstop at the fruit stall and I talked with this aunty. She said she was there just to pay a visit because her relative is the owner of this fruit stalls. She was reluctant at first letting me to capture this photo but manage to convince her that she is still beautiful at this age. I believe everyone has their own charisma at different age and confidence does affect how you look. Good to meet her though this trip =)

Anna within frames

Freedom caged

The Stand Out

Okie, I got story to share about this lady. She was standing at the alley way and waving to any guy that had eye contact with her. At first I was shooting from far because I scare she ask me to 'hire' her for 'services'. After took the first photo, I've decided to show her the photo and took a closer one instead. I believed she is being marginalized by the public but as long as she is happy with what she is doing without hurting other. She deserve a blessing for life. 

The cleaver

I was amazed to see there is a wet market hidden in Chinatown. It seems like a different world to me and the lighting in the alley give you different filling. It just feels like you can shoot something awesome and dreamy here. It reminds me of Miyakazi's "Spirited Away" (宫崎骏 千与千寻).

A man chopping meat. He seems very experienced to separate the meat into different part

The chicken bath

This man was sitting down rinsing the chicken. Sun was shining through the roof and this photo was taken while he took out a chicken from the bucket full of water.

The lady boss

Fresh fish

Happy grandma
I am glad I met this grandma who not only allows me to take photo of her fish stall, but also herself holding a fish. She shared with me and asked me to take more photos because she not sure how long more can she do her business here. New development has invaded this place right beside her stall and this wet market might be gone by any time soon.

The turn back
I was trying to capture the old uncle who holding stuff on both hands but turn out the guy on his right was ready for my camera =) The plain background on the right is the covered area under new development.

Grandma and her grandchild

 This little girl needed some help to wear her shoes. Hence she went to find her grandma for assistance. 

A mom feeling intruded
Captured this shot while I lower down myself at the alley. This is the kind of shot you might get if the passerby feeling intruded. Her face expression tells everything.

罗汉果凉水 Ice Cold Herbal Drink
When it it closed to noon time, we stopped by this stall for icy cold herbal drinks. It is right in the middle of Petaling Street, Chinatown. There is another stall selling Soya Drinks and Beancurd Jelly too. Didn't shoot much right after this as the cold drink just makes me feel "Ah~~Okie enough for today" 

Kevin, Anna and Jackie =)

A tourist asked me for photography help, so I capture her too haha

Bus travel agent @ Pudu area

A proud mom
At the end of the photoshoot, spotted this family with three young man and their parents. Their mom seems spotted me and smiled =) They do have unique look individually.

A self portrait with Olympus OMD EM1
If you've asked me should I get an Olympus OM-D E-M1? Yeap I would. The only thing that hold me now is I don't have enough extra money to invest in another system yet. I like EM1 fast and accurate focusing even just by using single point focusing. When you paired with awesome lens like 75mm F1.8, that bokeh effect will be enhanced greatly and bring out the subject even more. Since this camera is so small and powerful, it is good for street photography as people will feel less threaten when you place this camera in front of their face. *I easily get rejected when I use DSLR to do a close up of strangers* The only downside of OM-D E-M1 is when I place my eyes at the eye view and there is a slight delay switching between screen and built-in electronic viewfinder. 

Other than that, Olympus OMD EM1 is an awesome camera for traveller as you don't need to worry about heavy weight which always contributed by the heavy lens and camera body. I myself as a Nikon user do look for alternative that can decrease the weight I need to carry around whenever I do photoshoot. I do thought of shooting using prime lens instead of zoom lens but they are not cheap either haha. I know Nikon Df is smaller in size and can use the DSLR lens but it doesn't have video recording function~~

Thanks Olympus Malaysia for this photography journey!!
*The only photo captured using my current Nikon system*
Last but not least, let's have a #TCSelfie with friends I know through this photography outing!! I hope I can own a Olympus OMD EM1 with some great lens soon before my travel begin~ Thanks for reading!! 

I would like to thanks Jackie and Robin again for lending me their Olympus gears and Olympus Malaysia for this Street Photography experience. Since I am a first time user for Olympus camera system, please do leave a comment if you have any suggestion/advice to improve my shoot =) I'd love to hear that.

Read more about my experience with Olympus system: 

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