Hop Hop Cafe with Cute Rabbits @ Subang SS18

Lop Eared Rabbits @ Hop Hop Cafe, Subang SS18

This morning me and my girlfriend (who love rabbits) decided to check out this new cafe named "Hop Hop Cafe" who adopt rabbits instead of cat/dog. The main theme of this cafe is of course giving you an opportunity to interact closely with the Lop Eared Rabbit and Hotot Rabbit. Now let's check out the environment would ya??

Hop Hop Cafe is located at Subang SS18
7, Jalan SS 18/6,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
The interior of Hop Hop Cafe - An open kitchen with dining space and rabbit in enclosed space on your right
Once you walk into the Hop Hop Cafe, you can see that they have a counter for order right next to their open kitchen. The cafe can fit around 45++ people (inside/outside) so if you don't want to wait make sure be there early. The cafe open from 7am to 11pm anyway.

Food Menu for Hop Hop Cafe
Once you walked in you can just check out the menu on the wall. There are Pasta, Southern Bites, Dessert like Affogato and Brownies with Ice Cream. For breakfast it will be Nasi Lemak and Sandwiches. Of course, Hop Hop Cafe won't forget about serving good coffee for the customers. I didn't manage to try their coffee though.

Few kind of desserts ready to serve @ Hop Hop Cafe
Spaghetti alla Carbonara @ Hop Hop Cafe  (RM15.50)
So both of us ordered a Spaghetti alla Carbonara, a drink named 'Pulau Sipadan' because we miss diving and 'The Kitty Bowl'. Usually the spaghetti and the Kitty/Dog Bowl will be served with beef but you can always change your menu to seafood if you can't eat beef.

Pulau Sipadan (Pineapple flavor) @ Hop Hop Cafe  (RM12)
The Kitty Bowl @ @ Hop Hop Cafe  (RM10)
Instead of having beef slice on top of your melt cheesy fries, you can choose to have more fries and cheese in your bowl instead. Basically it is the idea that sell because they are serving your cheesy fries in a pet's bowl haha.

Cheesy fries in your kitty/dog bowl @ Hop Hop Cafe

The Rabbit Zone in Hop Hop Cafe has table and chair too but you are advised not to bring in any drinks for hygiene purpose

Read the rules before enter Rabbit Zone @ Hop Hop Cafe

Black Hotot Rabbit @ Hop Hop Cafe

Kids interacting with rabbit @ Hop Hop Cafe

There are total two black Hotot Rabbits @ Hop Hop Cafe. Can you differentiate it?

A fair Lop Eared Rabbit resting in the hay tray

A Lop-Eared Bunny who is in relax mode after people petting its head
There are hays in the Rabbit Zone so customer can feed the rabbits with it
Since the cafe open from 7am to 11pm, it means the rabbits will be well fed by the owner and customers for the whole day. So it is normal if the rabbits doesn't want to eat. Just treat them gently by petting their head would do. It was fun seeing the kid interact with rabbits for the first time. She was really excited =)

Rabbit @ Hop Hop Cafe Cutest Yawn!!

Right outside Hop Hop Cafe there's a zone for cat/dog lover who bring their pets along. You can order your coffee and cake and let your pets hanging along. Kinda forgot whether the pets have food bowl but there's bowl of water for them. I am not sure how to know there are dog/cat in the cage but best is still to be early I guess. Unless your cat/dog is fine to make friends with cat/dog.

Poodle spotted outside Hop Hop Cafe

Fashionista Poodle @ Hop Hop Cafe

Woops, they are excited meeting new friends

The cute girl we bumped into @ Hop Hop Cafe

Open Kitchen @ Hop Hop Cafe

If you have time to spend in a pet cafe, Hop Hop Cafe is a great new place especially if you are rabbit lovers. Hop Hop cafe is located right next to a vet so you can always drop by here to make new friends (for your pet as well). The food we ordered tasted okay, chef was generous with Oysters for our Spaghetti. Just that it take them quite some time to prepare all our orders especially 'The Kitty Bowl'. I wonder why...

As for the hygiene, Hop Hop Cafe prepared Dettol Hand Sanitizer right outside the Rabbit Zone and there is a basin with soap ready to clean your hands after playing with rabbits. You can see that there are air purifier in the Rabbit Zone but I guess one is not enough. The air ventilation/exhaust in cafe definitely need improvement because my clothes smell funny afterwards. 

Two lop eared rabbits resting at one corner @ Hop Hop Cafe
Hop Hop Cafe location map:
7, Jalan SS 18/6,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Hop Hop Cafe Operating Hour: 10am - 10pm
*Kitchen close at 9.30pm*

For more information, visit Hop Hop Cafe FB Page. There will be different promotion from time to time so check them out. Hope you like the images shared here =)

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