FOUR Must Have Mobile Apps for 2014 FIFA World Cup #OlaBola

Champions of Stadium Astro #OlaBola Ultimate Challenge
The other day I was at OneCity Mall's Sky Park for Stadium Astro #OlaBola Blogger Gathering at HongDae Moon. Winners who won the #Olabola Ultimate Challenge will win the official 2014 FIFA World Cup Merchandise from Astro!! If you are a football fans, then you should not miss out these awesome mobile apps (Astro on the Go, Astro GO 2014 FIFA World Cup, Ola Bola Football Predictor, Stadium Astro) to help you catch the game and even predict the turn out too!It was a beautiful day where you see gorgeous sunset from OneCity's SkyPark and you should go there one day!! Photos below:

#TCSelfie with SaiMatkong together with the beautiful sunset you can see from OneCity SkyPark

Can I say this is FigterTiah's first #TCSelfie togehter with his awesome family? =D

JunYong and ReubenKang were emcee of the night

KYSpeaks showcase the Brazil bag FIFA World Cup merchandize he got from the quiz challenge!!
At the start of the event, me and Budiey were called up to the stage for a football challenge using their Ola Bola Football Predictor apps. Basically this apps test our Football instincts and for rewards we can win a Football Table!!

Ola Bola Football Predictor
Just choose what's your instincts say =)

All you need to do is predict  the game, whether there will be free kicks, corners or even penalty kicks. For mor einfo about this apps go to and

Timothy and Fighter Checking out Stadium Astro on the iPads
Stadium Astro - Stadium Astro is a mobile app that covers all your favourite sports on both the domestic and international front. This apps is specially designed for the ultimate Malaysian sports fan  and it has video match highlights, pre and post-game interviews from the Barclays Premier League, TV Schedule and channel listings in Malaysian time, and many info for the top European football leagues tournaments.

Stadium Astro layout on iPad

Blogger friends checking out Stadum Astro apps layout on the iPads

A little Father and Son precious moments captured down =)

Reuben and JunYong went to the crowd to ask QnA and give out jerseys

One of the station game is to kick the ball and score goal for points
Joel and Vincent in action!
At this game station, you will need to score points by kicking the football and score '30 Live Match' or 'All 64 matches'. Basically you can catch your favourite Football Match for FREE through Astro On the Go for 30 live matches or RM6 per match. You can also subscribe for Football Pass to get all 64 matches LIVE on your devices, as well as repeats and daily highlights

The moment they win the Stadium Astro #Olabola World Cup Ultimate Team Challenge!!

The champion of Stadium Astro #Olabola World Cup Ultimate Team Challenge!!

Congratz to first runner up

Congratz to second runner up!!
Congratz to all three teams who manage to win the Stadium Astro #Olabola World Cup Ultimate Team Challenge!! All of them won 2014 FIFA World Cup Official Merchandise and some won shopping vouchers~!!

One out of many #TCSelfie with friends =D
I've took a lot selfie with friends so do check out my Facebook Page for the photos!! Everyone is in a Jersey and we just look super colorful that day ;p

Say hi to Nuffies and Churpies who manage the event!!
Mobile Apps that you need this 2014 FIFA World Cup
Astro On The Go, FIFA World Cup, Stadium Astro, Football Predictor
So guys if you don't wanna miss out the game schedule, highlight and latest news about 2014 FIFA World Cup, go download all four of these mobile apps now as you can catch up with all the football matches and even win yourselves prizes too!! First you should go download Astro Go 2014 FIFA World Cup app that feature 6 camera feeds, multi angle replay, and over 4,000 video content. It is the most comprehensive app you need for this football season =)

Astro Go 2014 FIFA World Cup app
Features of Astro Go 2014 FIFA World Cup App
Whose side will YOU take?

I've choose Brazil as my side. How bout you?!
I find this Facebook Apps kinda cool =) Go try it out and paint your face virtually for your favourite team!! Brazil I support you =D
Starts here:
It was a great night at Stadium Astro #OlaBola Ultimate Challenge and Blogger Party
For more information, visit

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