Exclusive photos/videos of Taylor Swift’s The RED Tour in Malaysia #RealMusicbyAIA

Hola mola! It means good morning in #TCLanguage haha. I believe you've read my previous post of "25 Photos to Describe Taylor Swift Live in Malaysia" but here's more exclusive photos for you!! Especially if you love Taylor Swift you won't wanna miss it. There are also many interesting and nice video clips captured during the concert too ;p So continue scroll down yo!!

Seriously everything was in RED for theTaylor Swift's RED Tour in KL!!  You can see everybody wearing at least something red, looking cool with red shades and thousands put on red lipsticks too! AIA Malaysia had their interactive zone set up at the main entrance from 3.30pm onwards for fans to visit and win awesome stuff from them. You can get your photo captured at the AIA photobooth posing along with some really cool props and Taylor Swift's backdrop and life size cut outs, as well as win limited Taylor Swift's RED Tour merchandise including official Taylor Swift AIA T-shirts. For the gals (as well as the guys), AIA also had makeover counters for everyone to do make up and hairdo for free. Indeed, REAL MUSIC NEVER STOPS!!

If you answer correctly you get to win Taylor Swift Red Tour Shirts from AIA Malaysia

Excited crowd waiting for the next #RealMusicbyAIA question to win awesome stuff!

Tons of props available at the AIA photobooth

Free photography session at the AIA Interactive Zone

A beautiful girl having her hair curled at the AIA Interactive zone. Sweet smile!

You can easily spot cute Taylor Swift angel fans around the stadium =)

Finally went into the stadium as the concert gonna start around 8.30pm
Here's the view from my seat. Just the right spot for me to see Taylor Swift cleary together with the awesome crowd!! =) The stadium was super packed. Each time when one of Taylor's song was played the entire crowd stood up and start cheering her name loudly =) The concert started at 9pm with Taylor Swift singing behind the red curtain =)

Sitting same rows with blogger buddies Daphne Charice, Jane Chuck, Shea and her sister =D 
It was good to meet beautiful blogger buddies at Taylor's concert =) Daphne, Jane and Shea were there for Taylor Swift too!! Aren't they pretty? =D

Taylor Swift RED Tour Live in Malaysia started with Taylor performing her very first song behind this red curtain. Saw her silhouette? People were were screaming non-stop one the concert get started!! You might wanna read this post  - "25 Photos to Describe Taylor Swift Live in Malaysia" before scrolling down for more stories. There are also many exclusive photos below just for you Taylor Swift fans out there!!

Taylor Swift looks gorgeous in that RED Dress

Taylor Swift hounded by reporters and paparazzis forher signature in one of her songs. I love her dancers. They are cool!

"I knew you were trouble" - Taylor Swift
A REAL concert must have great chemistry between the singer, the music band, the dancers, and also the stage!! I gotta give high praise to the dancers for they did such an awesome dance performance and this truly brought the overall concert to the next level. Taylor Swift had changed her costumes so many times and so did her dancerstoo! Taylor's costume were so chic and fancy and it gave her a fresh new look every time she got on that stage to perform a new song.

Taylor Swift likes to whip her hair and it never gets messy. That's amazing!! Haha

Taylor Swift serenaded all her fans with this cool piano during The RED Tour Live in Malaysia
Taylor Swift is definitely an amazing performer who can sing, compose  and also play so many different instruments!! She has that charisma that makes everybody wowed!! This is the moment I love her the most! She played her cool piano (with music box spinning inside) so elegantly. This was also the moment when she just stopped playing for a second, combed her messy hair just so that she should look great for her fans and for the camera!  It was funny seeing her doing that haha. She was just so REAL ;p

Setlist for Taylor Swift The RED Tour Live in Malaysia - Courtesy of Setlist.fm

I am so glad to be given the opportunity to attend Taylor Swift's concert in Malaysia courtesy of AIA Malaysia. Thanks AIA! You guys definitely brought REAL Music to Malaysia and I hope it will Never Stop. Please continue to bring in more awesome music please!! For all my fans, I really hope you like all the photos captured so far.

All right, for the rest of the night, I think my videos can tell you a better story so here you go. For those of you who attended the concert, hope these clips would remind you all the sweet moments during the concert again especially that guy who got Taylor's hat as a gift and that girl who got dedicated with her favourite song "Enchanted".

Loving you is RED.

PS: Loving my girlfriend is even more RED of course hahaha

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