Citrarasa & Citrawarna 2014 @ MaTiC Kuala Lumpur #VMY2014

Citrawarna 2014 @ Jalan P. Ramlee Kuala Lumpur

Few weeks ago I was attracted by this Instagram contest because they were offering awesome cash prizes. So there I was at Kuala Lumpur to experience what is Citrawarna and Citrarasa 2014 about at MaTiC (Malaysia Tourist Centre) and of course to try my luck winning extra cash to fund my next camera gear!! (You may check out my wish list at the side bar)

I even dragged my girlfriend Wern along so that I won't feel lonely hahaha. Thanks bubu for accompany me as I know you can join the contest to win cash too. Besides funding for camera gear, we are raising fund for our next travel trip too. Singapore in June and probably a diving trip end of this year?? One of my dream is to travel around the world and capture precious moments to share through this blog! I've been learning how to take motion pictures too to document important moments down. Just scroll till the end of this post for firework videos and a tid bits of us spending time together.

Spotted KL Tower in golden color because of the beautiful sunset shining over it

Golden Twin Towers hiding behind the tall building in KL
The beautiful sunset happened so quickly while I still finding my way to KLCC carpark. How I wish I can just top my car and capture these moment down but finding parking is my main priority. It is really hard to describe how beautiful it was without a proper photo of the golden 'jagung berkembar'. Must thanks to Waze for finding the right way to KLCC parking because there was road closure around this area for Citrawarna 2014.

PETRONAS Twin Towers at the night of Citrawarna 2014 with blue fountain
To compensate the missed sunset, it is always good to capture PETRONAS Twin Towers at different hours. If you have been following my blog and Instagram you might have seen so many different photos of the Twin Towers standing tall at the heart of KL.

Malaysia Tourism Center (MaTiC) with colorful lighting
There were Citrawarna dance performance happening at Jalan P.Ramlee but first we head over to MaTiC to feed our stomach first. MaTiC looks colorful that night and we manage to grab some delicious local delicacy from all states in Malaysia including Kajang Satay, Kaw Kaw Burger Bakar Wangsa Maju, Sarawak Mee Kolok and many more. Unfortunately we only have two stomachs to feed on all these good food so we only tried some of it.

Kajang Satay@ Citrarasa 2014

Sup Kedah @ Citrarasa 2014

You don't need to go all the way to Kajang to have a feast on Kajang Satay. Thanks for being generous with the sauce

Burger Bakar Kaw Kaw @ Citrarasa 2014

Sarawak Delights - Mee Kolok in the making @ Citrarasa 2014

A closeup of Sarawak Mee Kolok. I can eat two bowls of this =D

Friendly lady boss preparing my Sarawak Mee Kolok

Wayang Kulit performance right beside Citrarasa 2014

'Dalang' (puppet master) doing the 'Wayang Kulit' (puppet show) at Citrarasa and Citrawarna 2014
I wasn't sure how the Wayang Kulit show will looks like until that day. The 'Dalang' definitely good in control the puppet doing different move and tell a story through all different hand gestures. I personally think Wayang Kulit is one good resemblance for Malaysia culture and tradition but my girlfriend thought it was kinda scary haha

A group photo of Malay dancers at Citrawarna 2014 @ Jalan P.Ramlee
This is one of my favourite photos taken at Citrawarna 2014 because I just bump into this group of awesome dancers. I've missed their performance but it somehow leads to this awesome group photo too! They were kind enough to pose for my camera and glad they like this shot which include the whole PETRONAS Twin Towers.

Peacock outfit for Indian dancers @ Citrawarna 2014

Chinese Opera team in Citrwarna 2014!!

A selfie with the Imperial Guard of the Chinese Opera

Orang asli's Mah Meri Mask dancers @ Citrawarna 2014

Glad to see that BBoy has been included as part of Citrawarna 2014 performance. Always good to seem them dance!

A #TCSelfie with Orang Asli's Mah Meri Masked Dancers ;p

Two peacocks at Citrawarna 2014 flaunting their beauty

A #TCSelfie with love one infront of PETRONAS Twin Towers!!
I've been wanting to do this sefie shot for so long but we just couldn't find the right time until Citrawarna 2014 arrive. Here's to another awesome time spent together and I hope this last forever. One of the best thing happened in my life is to have her as part of my life.

Another #TCSelfie with PETRONAS Twin Towers @ Citrawarna 2014
Hopefully this photo means a good start for BOTH of us to develop a new journey/career by traveling to many different countrie and learn their culture. My adventurous blogging journey won't be possible if I don't get support from my family and friends. So thank you guys for your support too!!

Ended our night with blasting fireworks @ Citrawarna 2014

The moth made this event even  better =)
It so happen that that time was the mating season for this huge moth species. You can easily spot them everywhere around the place especially in this place which full of city lights. Now to end this post, enjoy the fireworks blasting at the night of Citrarasa and Citrawarna 2014. Just watch till the end for a little surprise haha.

Rainbow Fireworks @ Citrawarna 2014 Kuala Lumpur #VMY2014 

PS: Hopefully we both can win the Instagram contest!!

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