Mister International Malaysia 2013 Final Night Crowned James Ng @ Butter Factory

Kenneth Ng (Perak) - 1st Runner Up, James Ng (Selangor) - Grand Prize Winner,  and Lucas Ngu (Sabah) - 2nd Runner Up of Mister International Malaysia 2013

Here's a lengthy post for Mister International Malaysia 2013 Final @ Butter Factory KL the other day. First of all I would like to congratz again to James Ng (Selangor) crowned as the Mister International Malaysia 2013 and he will travel oversea for the Mister International 2013 Final! Good luck!! By the way, Kenneth Ng (Perah) and Lucas Ng (Sabah) are the MIM 2013 1st and 2nd Runners up.

There are total 14 finalists from all the states in Malaysia:
  • Preston Leen (Penang)
  • Anis Sabri (Kedah)
  • Anson Low (Pahang)
  • Samuel Sam (Terengganu)
  • James Ng (Selangor)
  • Terry Wong (Johor)
  • Nick Ng (Malacca)
  • Kenneth Ng (Perak)
  • VickFoo (Neger Sembilan)
  •  Enson Tan (Perlis)
  • Daniel Chan (Kuala Lumpur)
  • Vchin Pua (Kelantan)
  • Lew Voon Khong (Sarawak)
  • Lucas Ngu (Sabah)

James Ng (Selangor) - Mister International Malaysia 2013

Emcee of the night @ MIM 2013

Evan Siau - Mister International Malaysia 2012

Invited guest and judges for Mister International Malaysia 2013 Final receiving their appreciation award

The event started with self introduction
Liew Voon Khong (Sarawak) 

VickFoo (Neger Sembilan) sounds too confident to me. I wonder if his intro will helps him gain/reduce first impression marks

Kenneth Ng (Perak) looks fresh with his new hair cut

Hero Tai is one of the judges for MIM 2013

James Ng Yin Teng (Selangor) had a great introduction and can see that he is well prepared

Jame's intro that made judges smile

Lucas Ng from Sabah has a fresh look as well. Looking good on him

Liew Voon Khong showed his talent in playing"Gu Zheng".

Kenneth Ng (Perak) has a good voice,  impressed with his singing

Daniel Chan (Kuala Lumpur) dropped his Diabolo a few times but his spirit in finishing his performance worth compliment

Swim wear catwalk by the finalist of Mister International Malaysia 2013

Swim wear catwalk by the finalist of Mister International Malaysia 2013
What do you think about the swimwear?

Here's all the finalists of Mister International Malaysia 2013 in swim wear. Now you can see who has the greatest body and confidence.

Mister International Malaysia 2013 Final - Swimwear Catwalk #MIM2013

VChin Pua (Kelantan) no doubt has the best talent show among all MIM 2013 contenstant
He can do split jump easily

VChin Pua MIM 2013 contestant crashing the blocks twice *ouch*

I guess the crown on Irene's head is quite heavy ;p

Lucas Ng (Sabah) MIM 2013 has the look as an artist. 

Voice not bad but hope that Lucas Ngu can sing better in future =)

Enson Tan (Perlis) need more practice on his dancing performance 

Preston Leen (Penang) has the greatest prop/dancer accompany his Korean song performance

It would be a great performance if Preston sang louder and better together with a great dancer

Apparently a lady was kidnapped and 14 MIM 2013  heros will come and save her
Before the next catwalk by Mister International 2013 finalists, Ms Kieren Laurent Simon, who was crowned as the Miss Malaysia Asia Pacific 2013 was 'kidnapped' and need the heroes to save her. It was a great idea but it looks kinda funny for me during that time.

Yeah judges of MIM 2013 also laughed hahaha

Spotted Josh Ho, a well established Malaysian Model  at the venue

Liew Vooon Khong dressed up with smart look and a gun

Samuel Sam (Terengganu) and James Ng (Selangor)

Lucas Ngu (Sabah) looking good with this outfit again

Preston Leen (Penang) who paired with Lucas has the best catwalk for this "James Bond" session
Too bad they left a bit too quickly

Guess who's muscular body is this? Yeap he won the 'Mister Cheetah Best Body' awards

Ms Kieren Laurent Simon together with all 14 Mister Iternational Malaysia 2013 finalists

Ms Kieren Laurent Simon - Miss Malaysia Asia Pacific 2013

Frederick Lee receiving the award from Adrian. If not wrong it is a new awards for Mister International Malaysia appreciating men who do well in the industry

Supportive audience shouting for their desire finalist

Lucas Ngu being announced as Top 5 Mister International Malaysia 2013

It was the Q&A session at Mister International Malaysia 2013
The Top 5 finalists of Mister International Malaysia 2013 are: Kenneth Ng (Perak), James Ng (Selangor), Lucas Ngu (Sabah), Daniel Chan (Kuala Lumpur), and Terry Wong (Johor). I was really surprised when Terry was announced as one of the top 5, I thought it would be Preston Leen or VChin Pua.

Guess which MIM 2013 finalist made the judges laugh?

Evan Siau - Mister International Malaysi 2013 sang  "My Way"
His voice consider not bad ar =)

All right, finally it's time to announce the winners of Mister International Malaysia 2013:

Mr. Clique Charming MIM 2013  - James Ng (Selangor)

VChin Pua (Kelantan) - Mr. Popular of MIM 2013

Mister Cheetah Best Body - James Ng (Selangor)

Mister GQ MIM 2013 - Daniel Chan (Kuala Lumpur)

Hero Tai - Mister International Malaysia 2006 presenting the next awards

VChin Pua (Kelantan) won Mister Talent @ MIM 2013

Preston Leen (Penang) - Most Promising Star of Mister International Malaysia 2013

Lucas Ngu (Sabah) - 2nd Runner Up of Mister International Malaysia 2013

Kenneth Ng (Perak) - 1st Runner Up of Mister International Malaysia 2013
Not forget to mention, Terry Wong from Johor won the "MIM Most Photogenic Award".

Guess who is the grand winner of Mister International Malaysia 2013 among Top 5??

James Ng's exiting face waiting for the announcement

*drum rolls*
Congratz to James Ng Yin Teng for winning Mister International Malaysia 2013!!

Evan Siau, MIM 2013 presenting the award to James Ng, the new Mister International Malaysia 2013!!

James Ng (Selangor) kissing his MIM trophy

Kenneth Ng (Perak) - 1st Runner Up, James Ng (Selangor) - Grand Prize Winner,  and Lucas Ngu (Sabah) - 2nd Runner Up,  winners of Mister International Malaysia 2013

A group picture of the judges of MIM 2013 together with the winners

To conclude the event, here's the winner list of Mister International Malaysia 2013:

Mister International Malaysia 2013 Winners ListMIM 2013 Winner - James Ng (Selangor)MIM 2013 1st Runner up - Kenneth ng (Perak)MIM 2013 2nd Runner Up - Lucas Ngu (Sabah)
MIM 2013 Sub-titles WinnersMIM Popular - Vchin Pua (Kelantan)MIM Most Promising Star - Preston Leen (Penang)MIM Mister GQ - Daniel Chan (Kuala Lumpur)MIM Mister Clique Charming - James Ng (Selangor)MIM Cheetah Best Body - James Ng (Selangor)MIM Mister Talent - Vchin Pua (Kelantan)MIM Photogenic - Terry Wong (Johor)

Supporter of James Ng feeling excited

As usual, selfie time with friends after the event!!

A selfie with the winners of Mister International Malaysia 2013
Hopefully you guys use this chance to get the career that you been dreaming off

A quick photo with Hero Tai. He look better in real person haha

Evan Siau like my fish eye haha

Liew Voon Khong keep on jia you ya! Build more personality! Stay humble!

Preston Leen, you have the face and attraction, so be more confident and grab judges attention!

Bumped into Kit Mah after the event

Dr. Lim Ting Song from Clique Clinic. A very humble guy =)

Chriz Ooi was there for after party yo

A picture for VChin and his supporters

Kenneth Ng (Perak) - 1st Runner Up, James Ng (Selangor) - Grand Prize Winner,  and Lucas Ngu (Sabah) - 2nd Runner Up,  winners of Mister International Malaysia 2013
Let's strike a winning pose =D
Last but not least, congratz again to James Ng, Kenneth Ng and Lucas Ngu being crowned as the winners of Mister International Malaysia 2013. MORE PHOTOS WILL BE POSTED AT FACEBOOK PAGE - TianChad @ 永遇乐. Come drop by and say hi!

Thanks Adelicious Entertainment for the media invitation and I hope you guys like the photos posted here and Facebook page. Go tag your friends!!

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