My New Cam Nikon D800 First Time-lapse Video. Why not D600?

Nikon D800 with my always cheerful Kido Daruma

Early in October 2012, I went to YL Camera @ Jaya 33 after knowing that the brand new Nikon D600 is available there. Before I reach there, Alvin (from YL Camera) message me that there is a second-hand Nikon D800 available and is in very good condition =) That made me wonder at first as I need to do a quick decision.

Nikon D600 vs D800
I've read several DSLR camera reviews on the internet and the article that helped me made my decision  would be from It made me easier to decide which DSLR to go for in just one day.

D600 is a more affordable full-frame DSLR when compared with D800. D600's weight is lighter too; However what makes me go for D800 is because of its 1/8000sec shutter speed, 1/250sec flash sync speed. These are the main reasons why I go for D800 as I don't mind carry a heavier camera that can help me produce a better image quality photos with more flexibility.

Of course, the other reason of me going with Nikon D800 is because I have raised enough money to go for a serious upgrade from my D90. (Nikon D90 is my first DSLR and it served me really well till now!)
I've been using D800 for quite some time and gotta say it is a good choice when you know you can capture more with it's better sensor in full-frame format. That makes my life easier when I need to take camwhore picture (including 50mm f1.8 yo) with friends especially when I couldn't find a kind soul to be the good photographer. 
PS: Most of the time people are afraid of being the photographer using huge DSLR. So the best thing to do is do all the correct setting before ask them to press the correct button. It is funny when some are waiting for live-view instead of peeping through the hole haha.

Nikon D800 put to use to capture time-lapse photos/video
PS: Make sure it is stable on the window or else...
With Nikon D800 I don't need a time-lapse remote to do this kind of photography. Always want to do star trail photography but let's try with something simple. Sunset/sunrise will be a good start right? Check out my first time-lapse video and see how the weather changed from sunny day to rainy night.

Sunny day turn into rainy and stormy night, and with flood?

So from now on you will see more photos snapped using my new Nikon D800. If you've noticed the black corner/vignette thing on my photos, it is because I am still using a DX lens and doing 1.2x image crop instead of the DX crop. Currently looking for a new/good condition Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8G ED. If you think you have new one/ in good condition do email/PM me your best price. Serious buyer here =D

Stay tuned and feel free to check out my photos @ Sky Arts Production! Always want to snap better photos that can tell better stories too. Cheers!

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