Create Inspiring Video & Win Cash Prize Worth RM28,000 with Nescafe Cans!

I am not a coffee addict but I do drink coffee when I need to complete more task for the day. *sipping my chilled coffee* It does take quite some time to prepare your own coffee, you need to boil water, prepare coffee powder and milk. After 15 minutes then only I can have my cup of coffee. So sometimes I prefer to buy Nescafe cans and keep them in the fridge instead! There are 3 flavors of Nescafe cans and I like Mocha flavor the most.

If you are a coffee drinker like I do. There's something you can do to share some love of your Future Aspiration and WIN CASH PRIZES at the same time!! Yeap, you read it right, you can win $$$$$~

Nescafe On the Life - Create Future Aspiration Movie and Win Cash prize
By using Nescafe on The Life Facebook apps, it may help you identify what's your future aspiration looks like. You could be one out of 16 categories available there. Wanna know what's my future looks like? =)

Nescafe On the Life - Create Future Aspiration Movie and Win Cash prize
First, you just need to visit Nescafe Cans FB Page or click on Nescafe On The Life Facebook Apps. Just choose your favourite Nescafe Can flavor and you are off to create your movie with just simple steps.

Nescafe On the Life - Create Future Aspiration Movie and Win Cash prize
Tian Chad - Your Future Aspiration is The Collector of Sights a.k.a. Photographer
The Nescafe On The Life FB Apps will analyze your Facebook profile and decide which category of Future Aspiration you belongs to. After the analysis, I am defined as a Collector of Sights - This one definitely suit me as I really like to snap awesome photos and share with you guys!

Nescafe On the Life - Create Future Aspiration Movie and Win Cash prize
If you think that the prediction is not correct, you can actually choose what suit you more before continue to the next step. I've know a few blogger friends that are Food Lover, Fitness Junkie, Earth Guardian and of course the Social Connoisseur! So which one suit you more? This sort of make you know more about what you want in the future~

Nescafe On the Life - Create Future Aspiration Movie and Win Cash prize
After the analysis, all I did was to submit 4 related photos to the story line provided by Nescafe on The Life. Then choose my favourite movie effect and music. I do wish that there are more music selection. Most of the music are too electrical and rocking for me ;p

Let's check out my video snapshot:
Nescafe On the Life - Create Future Aspiration Movie and Win Cash prize
My camera is always my trusty companion that help me capture down what I saw. Yeah the above Nikon is the new camera addidion to my photography family haha. *Woohoo!* You need more than just a camera to take a good photos, there are many skills that one person should learn to take a good photo. I always upgrade my skill by reading photography magazine and other talented photographers' photos. The most helpful way of improving your skill is to practice and snap more photos. Let people critique and improve at the same time!

There's some time where I choose to scout at one location and observe my surrounding on what I can take. For example the picture of an old man feeding the squirrels, he was feeding the bird with food on his left hand. You will need lot of patience to wait till the squirrel dare to go near him, and birds that settle down to grab the food.

Above shot of a loving couple was captured while I was resting at the park in London. This shoot will always remain in my mind as this is the kind of shot/precious moment that I would like to capture. Especially during some event (eg. wedding) where good things happened only once and you can't ask them to repeat the same scene again. This is something that make that photo shot even more precious and being appreciated by the people.

I hope you guys like my photos and do feel free to give critique/comment so that I can do it better =)

All right. Here's the good stuff I wanna share!!  The good thing about Nescafe on The Life is they are giving out cash and prizes worth of a total of RM28,000 for people who make a video of their future aspiration. If I can win the RM10,000 cash I would be really happy to use it to upgrade my camera gears and get the right props for better photography experience.

Another cool thing is that you may win an exclusive Nescafe RTD Mini Chiller that makes your room/office even cooler~ Pssst... You can also use this chiller to keep some Milo cans too haha~

Nescafe On the Life - Create Future Aspiration Movie and Win Cash prize
Come on guys let's splash your idea to make a good video and win yourself some BIG MONEY!

Hope my video will be selected as one of the Top 20 finalists, because by then I can get this as a chance of giving out RM500 cash  to 10 lucky voters!! Isn't that great?! Hope the money can inspire you enough to participate too haha!

Go visit Nescafe On The Life Facebook Apps now!
Hurry!! As the contest entries collection is going to end soon (25th November 2012)! Don't miss out the HUGE cash and prizes  =D

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