Nuffnang Blogopolis 2012 Malaysia #NNBMY2012 | XiaXue & Mike

Nuffnang Blogopolis 2012 Malaysia #NNBMY2012
Thanks Rachel for this photo!
Nuffnang Blogopolis 2012 - A good start and workshop for bloggers around the world! Happy that it finally happened in Malaysia and I managed to attend it!! Here's a group photo of some of the bloggers who attended the workshop that day. The air-conditioner in Concorde Hotel, KL was really really cold...

It was great to have professional and experienced bloggers+speakers sharing their ideas and concept about the current blogsphere. How to create a good blog/website, what to-do/not-to-do on blog, why he started this and how he improved from that +++ Wonder why James Yeang not here that day...

A big applause for Nuffnang Malaysia who put much efforts in creating this! I am sure it tooks Nuffies' several sleepless nights to prepare all these =)

PS: I like that 3D Nuffnang Logo very much!!

 These are all the gifts that I got from Nuffnang Blogopolis 2012 Malaysia. Besides the oversize #NNBMY2012 Polo-shirt (I wish I was given M-size instead of L...) and the cup (I like this!). I won a few Batman a.k.a. Dark Night Rises Merchandise from P1 Twitter Trivia. It was easy to win though haha!

AND... After numerous spam tweets about #MPHiRiverHD during #NNBMY2012, I finally got to bring back a new gadget home~ iRiver Story HD that cost RM500. Congratz to other winners as well! Thanks to all friends who followed me on Twitter for tolerate my sudden-stream-of-MPH-Tweets. Haha.

Till then, say hi to self-absorb XiaXue (she self-claimed during #NNBMY2012 haha) and Mike
*sorry I am not good at photoshop huhu*

I like XiaXue's personality as she just dare to say what she feel and learn a lot from her sharing that day. Hope to see little XiaXue or little Mike in few years time? Till then, stay tune for my photo stories~!

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