Get Your Fruttare Surprise @ Lot10 Today!

Colourful beach house at Pulau Kapas
Colorful beach house @ Pulau Kapas
What would you like to have at this hot weather? It was really hot when I traveled to Pulau Kapas for a beach getaway~ The first thing that runs into my mind is non-other than an ice-cool Ice Cream! Looking at the colourful beach house, it reminds me of Fruttare Ice Cream! Fruttare is a deliciously refreshing fruit ice cream, made from 100% real fruit juice, invigorates and brightens up your day instantly. I've tried out Red Grape and Lychee Flavor, both are juicy sweet ;p

Speaking of this, Fruttare is giving you guys tons of surprises at Lot10 now!

Fruttare Surprise @ Lot10 Icecream giveaway Post picture on Facebook
Fruttare Surprise @ LOT 10
16th June - 8th July 2012
Fruttare will be giving you guys a refreshing and invigorating burst of surprise at Lot 10, Jalan Bukit Bintang from 16th June – 8th July 2012.

How to get Fruttare Surprise?
It's easy! Just snap a picture at the "Fruttare Giant Kiosk", share it on FB and get a Fruttare Surprise. It is not just a little surprise as you can win awesome prizes such as "YES 4G Mobile Broadband", multi-coloured iPods and so much more!

Fruttare Surprise @ Lot10 Icecream giveaway Post picture on Facebook
First, snap a photo of yourself at Fruttare’s Surprise Giant Kiosk @ Lot10 to enjoy a refreshing surprise!
All you need to do is snap a photo of yourself at Fruttare’s Surprise Giant Kiosk @ Lot10, share the refreshing experience on your Facebook page, and enjoy a refreshing surprise (awesome prizes awaiting you!) that’s perfect on a hot sunny afternoon!

Guess what he got from the Fruttare's Giant Kiosk @ Lot10? =D
Could it be the latest iPod?

Fruttare Surprise @ Lot10 Icecream giveaway crowd
Check out the crowd that has been queuing up for their sweet surprise ;p

Some of the happy faces with their happy surprise!

Fruttare Surprise @ Lot10 Icecream giveaway
Well, one of the best pose with their Fruttare Ice Cream =)
*Even his nose wanna taste it*

Fruttare has 2 different flavor which is Red Grape and Lychee!
Try them out and tell me which one is your favourite!
I personally like Red Grape =)


Let's visit Fruttare's Giant Kiosk @ Lot10 today!
 Quick! From now until 8th July 2012 only!

Fruttare @ Pulau Kapas
Let's beat the heat with Fruttare!!
All right, let's beat the heat! Head on down to Lot 10, KL & get a refreshing surprise from Fruttare when you take a pic of yourself! #Fruttare@Lot10

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