Astro On-The-Go Pool Party with Sporty Nuffnangers!

Astro On-The-Go Launch Bloggers Pool Party
Cheerful faces @ Astro's On-The-Go Party!!
Did you guys missed out Astro On-The-Go Party? I didn't =D There were big bunch of cheerful bloggers having fun at the party! Though it rained for a while, the party still went on very well with bloggers playing game and win prizes as a team! Teamwork is important you know? =)

Astro On-The-Go Launch Bloggers Pool Party
The Pool @ 347, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur
It was my first time visit The Pool for Astro On-The-Go party. It was a bit hard to find as the entrance to The Pool wasn't that visible. (luckily I got GPS) Yes, there's a water pool that you can jump into. Definitely a new leisure place to hang out.

Astro On-The-Go Launch Bloggers Pool Party
Really cool Astro party backdrop for photoshoot. You can get your polaroid photo here!
A huge party backdrop that's made according to Astro On-The-Go interface on iPad. It said snap most creative photo there as the best photo will win an iPad. Rearly? ;p

Astro On-The-Go Launch Bloggers Pool Party
Beautiful Nuffies welcoming the bloggers at the front desk =D
Guess how many male and female Nuffies in the office? I heard a lot new fresh bloods has joined this happy family =) Have you visited their new office at Level 12A? I am going there soon!!

Astro On-The-Go Launch Bloggers Pool Party
Astro models showing their Astro On-The-Go apps on the iPad

The party started just in time with Astro personnel sharing with us what's new about Astro On-The-Go Mobil application. With this innovative service, you can take Astro with you anywhere you go on Ipads, iPhones and Laptops for non-stop entertainment.
Astro On-The-Go Launch Bloggers Pool Party
Calvin Teng [Up] and Joel Lee [Down] sharing with us about Astro On-The-Go
"Currently there are 11 TV channels, comprising of news, learning and entertainment available on Astro On-The-Go. You can now enjoy Video-On-Demand (VOD) on your mobile devices too. Beside that, you can watch all 31 EURO 2012 matches live with Astro On-The-Go. It is now so easy for you to enjoy Astro at your most comfortable and convenient state."

Let's understand what's Astro On-The-Go about through this TVC =)

3 Simple steps tp enjoy Astro On-The-Go

How to get Astro-On-The-Go?
For iPad and iPhone users, you can just download Astro On-The-Go application from your iTune Store; As for Astro user with Laptop, just visit and you can straight away enjoy your favourite show! ; As for Android user (like me), you gotta wait till September as the apps will only made available during that time.

Currently preview is available to all Astro customers at no additional charges until 31st August 2012. From 1st September 2012 onwards, Astro On-The-Go will be available to Astro B.yond IPTV subscribers and customers with more than one decoder. More info on

Astro On-The-Go Launch Bloggers Pool Party
Delicious foods being served!
After the briefing, dinner were served right before we had exciting games to win attractive prizes. The food was so delicious that they were being emptied fast! Luckily there were refills so no one went home with empty stomach.

Astro On-The-Go Launch Bloggers Pool Party
MEME Proposal couple - Cute Audrey with happy Tim =)
*Guess what's wrote behind Audrey jersey? If you guess it right I give you a mystery prize*

Astro On-The-Go Launch Bloggers Pool Party
My pictures time with awesome bloggers~!
I wasn't able to recognize RedMummy until she smile with me LOL. Definitely nice outfit to wear to compete in the Best Dress Contest. Seems like my advice on how to dress up yourself for this party can works! If you dressed up according to my advice, you could have win the iPad ;p

Astro On-The-Go Launch Bloggers Pool Party
The interior of The Pool @ KL
The Pool was crowded with colourful people dressed in different jersey. Oh wait, there were many new faces walking around us! Seems like something is going to happen! Could that be a flashmob or something?

It's a Flash Mob with MANY iPadsssssssss

Astro On-The-Go Launch Bloggers Pool Party
First ever human-iPad theatre flash mob in the world with Astro On-The-Go

Total 48 iPads were used to do this. This iPads synchronized flash mob could be performed better if they were not nervous =) You can check out Twitter hashtag #AstroOnTheGo for humad-iPad synchronized flashmob at many different locations like Bukit Bintang, Pavilion, Fahrenheit88 and more! Those flash mobs were nicely done~

Between, the “flash mob” is now known as “Human-iPad Theatre”. Do you know that there is an upcoming “Human-iPad Theatre” event happening this weekend?

Details are as below:
  • If you want Human-Ipad Theatre to go to your place or to surprise someone you know,you just  need to Tweet the date,time & location you desire and hashtag the following:


Example Tweet: “Come to KLCC ,10th Floor at Menara Millenium 7th July 3pm #AstroOnTheGo #iPadMob”.

(It must however, be for one of these dates - 14th July or 15th July)

If enough tweet requests are received for a particular location, date & time, the Astro On-The-Go Theatre may come & surprise you!!

  • If you want to actually be a part of this Theatre Performance, you are more than welcome! All you need to do is tweet @astroonthego and send your request “I want to be a part of the World’s first Human-iPad theatre” with the hashtag: #iPadMob.

Astro will then select some of you and get in touch with details of how, when & where they can be a part of this Human-iPad Theatre!  You can catch the Human-iPad theatre in action by follow @astroonthego on Twitter or visit– where locations will slowly be revealed for 14th & 15th July.

Astro On-The-Go Launch Bloggers Pool Party
Cheerful face from the "flashmobber" after finished giving us the surprise
Have you ever experienced doing something together and everybody cheered after finish? Above were the happy faces after they finished the Flash Mob. It was the happy faces that are priceless. I bet they would be happier if could bring back the iPads haha!

Astro On-The-Go Launch Bloggers Pool Party
More pictures with bloggers @ Astro On-The-Go party! Spot the sweet couples I've captured in this party~

Astro On-The-Go Launch Bloggers Pool Party
Some more photos of me with bloggers and friends!

Astro On-The-Go Launch Bloggers Pool Party
Nuffie Darren's macho look while briefing us for the team game activity
Besides getting mystery prizes by answering the Q&A session by Adam C, there's a team-work game that was held for us bloggers to win awesome prizes! RM500 TESCO Vouchers! Don't you want it too?

Astro On-The-Go Launch Bloggers Pool Party
"Woooooooooo~" - Vuvuzela sounded! Games start!!

Astro On-The-Go Launch Bloggers Pool Party
The games started!! Let the battles begin!
Many groups were formed. They need to think of a good team name with powerful chant too. Each different team need to find their unique flag hiding somewhere in the venue.  You must beat the other team also! *Through sport games of course ;p*
Astro On-The-Go Launch Bloggers Pool Party
I am really happy whenever I am able to capture happy faces!!
*Capture precious moments*
I always like to capture the precious moments of people feeling happy and with a happy smile. I hope you could see the fun and happy faces from the photos above! Please give me a Like/Thumbs Up if you think I did well! (Obvioulsy I did well right? Haha!)

Astro On-The-Go Launch Bloggers Pool Party
Catwalk done by the best dressed bloggers!

There were total 4 finalists for Astro On-The-Go: Best Dressed contest. Introducing Rawlins, Jae Hashim, Teh Tarik Memoirs and RedMummy with their creative outfit! They need to do a catwalk creatively to charm the crowd. Personally I think RedMummy did quite well with her colourful outfit; Shah need to blow harder on his vuvuzela; Brawlin? He can always do the catwalk with high confidence just like when he dressed as Lady Gaga last time.

Astro On-The-Go Launch Bloggers Pool Party
RedMummy with her "flying-swan" pose
"Gaga~!! RedMummy Gaga!

Astro On-The-Go Launch Bloggers Pool Party
Who will be the winner of the new iPad? It's a brand new iPad3!!
*pretty woman, standing on the stage*

Astro On-The-Go Launch Bloggers Pool Party
"God please, can I be the winner? Yeeee..~  Pleasess" - RedMummy

Out of coincidence, I was manage to capture RedMummy's priceless face expression right before the best dressed result was announced. Posted on my Facebook Page and someone guessed it right! More photos of this party available there too~

Astro On-The-Go Launch Bloggers Pool Party
Winners of Team Work's game!!
1st, 2nd and 3rd highest team scorer won themselves exclusive TESCO CASH VOUCHERS! Check out Eyriqazz's spirit of Harimau Malaya. *rawr* Congratz to all the winners!!

So...who's the best dressed winner for Astro On-The-Go Party? =D

Astro On-The-Go Launch Bloggers Pool Party
RedMummy - The proud winner of Astro On-The-Go Party's Best Dressed!

Congratz to RedMummy and 3 other finalists as they didn't walk back home with empty hands! Guys, if you like to dress up, remember to join the best dressed contest in upcoming Nuffnang events!It was great to have Astro giving out awesome prizes too~

Astro On-The-Go Launch Bloggers Pool Party
Photos with more bloggers! Cindy Tey and Joshua Ong, my long time blogging friends!
PS: Cute Rachel in her jersey outfit ;p

Last but not least, a lovely picture of us! We didn't dressed in jersey but we dressed in Astro On-The-Go's color!
*Pink and White*
Hmm...I guess not much people noticed this ;p

Where to get Astro On-The-Go?  

For more information about Astro On-The-Go, visit

Since I can't have Astro On-The-Go on my tablet yet (Need to wait till September), I've decided to joined the "Where do you want YOUR Astro On-The-Go" contest to try my luck win a new iPad =D*finger crossed*

"I would like to watch my favourite show on my tablet while I enjoy my favourite Taiwanese Ice-Dessert @ Iceology! A spoon of ice together with Astro On-The Go = Blissful Life anywhere, anytime!! "

Thanks for reading! Hope you guys like my photo story for Astro's On-The-Go Party!! Press the "Like" button/Tweet and share with your friend kay? You can subscribe to TianChad @ 永遇乐, be a fans on TianChad @ 永遇乐 and follow @TianChad on Twitter for future blog post update =)

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