First Met with Ben Ashaari and Cute Qhaliff

Last weekend my friends and I went to the "Houses Lightings" in Puchong after breakfast. It was a good place if you want to find lighting to decorate your new house as they have many varieties and with reasonable price too.

70's antique looks fan available at Houses Lightings

While my friend, Marccus was busy deciding the suitable lamp to bring back home. I spotted a familiar face among the crowd and he was hugging a children. (PS: I will be easily attracted to strangers who bring along their kids as their kids are always cute and adorable! Feels like capture their precious moments haha) He was sitting beside me and after checking out with Nicole he should be the blogger we recognize. Without much hesitation, we greeted him and confirmed that he is Ben Ashaari, one of the most influential Malay blogger in Malaysia. =)

Ben Ashaari together with cute Qhaliff

It was really nice to meet Ben and his family there =) I was actually quite surprise to see him there as this place is kinda far from where he stay. We talked about what we work as and how was the blogsphere now, it is always good to have comment/advice from a fellow blogger. Ben did remind me that people don't like to read long blog post and that's what I am learning to do, to create a short blogpost yet interesting enough to captivate readers! Good to know he enjoying blogging too =)

By reading his recent blog post, Ben mentioned that he was surprised to know there are Chinese readers like us checking out his blog. Well, as long as we are in the same field, it is always great to check out other awesome blogs and learn from them. To be honest, I didn't get opportunities immediately after I join Nuffnang, it took time to get to know many good people and trust me, the more people you know it will somehow helps you in your career no matter what field you're in. It si all about networking! =D

If you want to be a fulltime blogger, go out and attend more events to know more blogging friends! After all, you won't know when the opportunities will come. But once it come, make sure you take action to grab it, because sometimes it just happens once!

Do check out macho Ben's blogpost about our encounter: 
Ditegur rakan blogger yang tak pernah kenal langsung !
"Kenapa diorang tak pilih blog aku ?"
Hope to catch up with you again Ben! 

Here's a question for you, when you saw your favourite blogger/artist at the same place you are at, will you brave enough to greet him? Or you'll just hiding but "mengintai" him from far?
PS: "Mengintai" and "Mencintai" are two very different meaning words LOL. Time to brush up my Malay language. Tsk tsk... 

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