ASUS PadFone Malaysia Launch, Price & Review - Answer Phone with A Stylus

Asus Padfone Launch Review Price Malaysia Fukuharu Japan
Mr Li Huai Pin, Country Product Manager, System Business Group, ASUS Malaysia and Ms Fei Yen, Territory Product Manager of ASUS with the innovative ASUS PadFone

ASUS, a global leader in the new digital era, has announced the debut of its eagerly anticipated PadFone and PadFone Station, designed to offer a completely new mobile experience. The PadFone is a fully featured Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone with a 4.3" screen, but when connected to the PadFone Station, it transforms into a 10.1" Android ICS tablet with up to 63 hours of talk time.

Asus Padfone Launch Review Price Malaysia Fukuharu Japan
Mr Li Huai Pin, Country Product Manager, System Business Group, ASUS Malaysia giving an opening speech
DynamicDisplay technology that makes PadFone and Station switching in just seconds
Key to PadFone's supreme versatility is its unique DynamicDisplay technology which allows a seamless transition between standalone and docked modes, where the majority of applications are automatically enhanced with their display layouts adjusted to suit the screen. 

A great example of DynamicDisplay in use is the email app. Users can connect the PadFone to the PadFone Station while halfway through typing and email, the app will automatically be adjusted to take advantage of the PadFone Station's 10.1" 1280 x 800 screen by displaying more information such as the list of emails in the inbox with a full view of an open email. The intelligent DynamicDisplay technology will also ensure that the app remembers where you stopped so that you can immediately continue playing that new game without having to start all over again when switching from PadFone to PadFone Station and vice versa.

ASUS PadFone together with PadFone Station and Padfone Station Dock

 PadFone Specification
  • Display : 4.3“ Super AMOLED, qHD (960 X 540), Scratch resistant Corning® Gorilla® Glass with HCLR Film
  • CPU : Qualcomm 8260A Snapdragon S4 Dual-core 1.5Ghz /Adreno 225 GPU
  • OS : Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
  • Memory : 1GB LPDDR2 RAM
  • Storage : 16GB eMMC Flash 32GB Free ASUS WebStorage for 3 years
  • Wireless : 802.11b+g+n, Bluetooth 4.03.5mm audio jack, Micro-USB 2.0
  • GPS : GPS and A-GPS support
  • Camera : VGA Camera (Front), 8 Mega-Pixel BSI sensor, F2.2 Aperture, 5-element lens, Auto Focus with LED Flash
  • Battery : 1520mAh Lithium-ion
  • Talk time : WCDMA: Up to 480 mins GSM: Up to 940 mins
  • Standby time : WCDMA: Up to 370 hours GSM: Up to 360 hours
  • Expansion Slot : Micro-SD (supports SDHC/SDXC up to 32GB)
  • Dimension : 128 x 65.4 x 9.2mm
  • Weight : 129g
  • Warranty : 2 Years Local Warranty (PadFone)
  • 1 Year Local Warranty (PadFone Station)
ASUS PadFone - Expand Your World

The PadFone provides all of the PadFone Station’s processing power and storage when both are docked together. So no matter which device was used last, all photos, documents, and games are kept up to date and made available whenever users need them. Users can continue right where they left off when moving from pad to phone, without having to start all over. Better still, the PadFone Station charges the PadFone for up to 64 hours of extended usage.

When docked, the PadFone Station will use PadFone’s 3G connection for internet access, thus users only require one data plan for two devices. That translates into large savings every year! This is what I need, one data plan for both world.

ASUS PadFone and Station with 10.1" screen

With a crystal clear Super AMOLED qHD display and powerful dual-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor, the ASUS PadFone is perfectly suited to the most demanding usage. Its 8-megapixel digital camera with Fuji image processor, F2.2 aperture and 5-element lens offers best-in-class performance for low light shooting and various adverse conditions, while renowned ASUS SonicMaster technology provides outstanding audio through the PadFone Station’s built-in high-quality speakers.

Asus Padfone Launch Review Price Malaysia Fukuharu Japan
The slot in PadFone Station to put in your PadFone at ease.

I was very curious on how the PadFone can fit in nicely to the PadFone Station. Above is the picture of how the PadFone "pouch" looks like. There will be 2-3 plug points that plugged into your PadFone for data transfer and fully control of the phone through the tablet. Good thing is the PadFone Station can hold the phone very firm and it is easy to plug in/out your PadFone into it. It takes only a moment to seconds to switch between phone and tablet.

Asus Padfone Launch Review Price Malaysia Fukuharu Japan
Ms Fei Yen mentioned about the problem of having 2 many gadgets for similar uses.
Nowadays, a person can have a smartphone but sometimes it is not enough and you need to get a tablet. The problem is the high cost to own 2 gadgets for similar uses and one person can't function so many gadget at one time. Therefore ASUS beign innovative has created something good for both world. With the ASUS PadFone, you can own a smartphone AND also a tablet.

Good thing is it can act as a phone too even when your phone is inside the station. What is more awesome? A stylus headset/pen that can be used to answer your phone call. Yes, answer your phonecall with a pen-look-headset!

Asus Padfone Launch Review Price Malaysia Fukuharu Japan
Ms. FeiYen demonstrated how the Stylus HeadSet works when your padFone inside the Station is ringing.

Padfone Stylus Headset @ RM179

 The optional Bluetooth stylus headset is both a headset and a stylus – users can use it to draw and write effortlessly and, when a call comes in while the PadFone is docking mode; picking up calls will be easy.

Asus Padfone Launch Review Price Malaysia Fukuharu Japan
"Hello? Yes I am talking on the phone through a pen. #swag "
I haven't really able to try that stylus headset yet but it looks cool and funny at the same time especially when you're answering a phone call. Imagine you are talking to a pen and everyone's watching! Haha. I am sure people will get used to it when more and more Asus PadFone appear on the market.

Asus Padfone Launch Review Price Malaysia Fukuharu Japan
Asus PadFone Stylus Headset with 7 hours talk time, stand by 10 days and with Out of Range Reminder

I actually wish there's a slot to put the stylus headset somewhere to the PadFone Station. Oh well, since it got the Out of Range Reminder (beeps when you are away from your Stylus Headset for more than 10metres), it should be okay for now.

Asus Padfone Launch Review Price Malaysia Fukuharu Japan
PadFone Station Keyboard Dock and the customized cover sleeve
The PadFone Station comes with its own keyboard dock – the PadFone Station Dock to meet the needs of more demanding users. To maximize on better productivity, the Station Dock keyboard accessory houses its own battery that charges the PadFone for up to 102 hours of talk time and comes with additional USB ports and card reader. Good that it has these important ports

The cover sleeve for the PadFone comes with a SIM card slot for frequent travelers, along with a cleverly hidden cleaning cloth. Nothing is left to chance, so we fashioned the brand tag to double as a stylus headset combo holder.

Asus Padfone Launch Review Price Malaysia Fukuharu Japan

ASUS PadFone Price In Malaysia:
From 3rd July 2012 onwards 
RSP for PadFone and PadFone Station = RM 2,399
*currently they are not selling it separately
PadFone Accessories:
RSP for PadFone Station Dock = To be confirmed 
RSP for PadFone™ Stylus Headset = RM 179

Asus Padfone Launch Review Price Malaysia Fukuharu Japan
Nuffies who attended the event together =)
Lydia, Jamie,  and Rachel in their colourful dress

Asus Padfone Launch Review Price Malaysia Fukuharu Japan
Thank you ASUS Malaysia for the Japanese lunch @ Fukuharu Japan

Over Impression on ASUS PadFone Series:
For me, what I care about ASUS PadFone is the smart ability of the smartphone and tablet/station that can complete task in speed of lights. A 1.5Ghz Dual-core should be good enough for an Android Smartphone. I hope it has more memory though. (1GB LPDDR2 RAM). Good thing about PadFone 32GB is they provide free ASUS WebStorage for 3 years.

I tried out the 8 MP camera and truth to be told it is not as fast as Samsung Galaxy S3/iPhone4s but definitely better than most phone camera. You can expand the phone storage using Micro-SD up to 32GB. Battery capacity is only Li-ion 1520 mAh (S3 is 2200 mAh) but it can be powered up to 10 x more battery with the PadFone Station and Station Dock.

The good thing about ASUS PadfFone is you can own a smartphone & tablet together at only RM 2,399 (RPP) and save money on Data Plan (It is still expensive in Malaysia, why?). Bad thing? You won't able to use both the 'tablet' and smartphone at the same time as the 'tablet' is controlled by the phone.

If you get the whole set of PadFone together with the accessories, it would act as a laptop-like gadget as you can have keyboard, USB and SD0Card slot. Just don't expect it can function like the usual laptop to use Adobe Photoshop because after all you are using a phone in a laptop-mode.

For in-depth review, I will need to spend some time with a review unit before I can comment much more. Cheers! For more information about PadFone, visit

If you have any questions, feel free to leave your question in my comment section below.

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