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Sunny Beach Volleyball Match @ Horse Guards Parade

After paying a visit to the historical Churchill War Rooms, our team of Samsung Global Blogger then departed to Horse Guard Parade for quick lunch. I gotta say it tasted really really good. What's more awesome? To have our lunch at the park! Especially under a sunny and cooling weather. People in the park were so relax to just lay on the grass and have a rest/ good tan. I wish I could just stay here for as long as I could to enjoy the scenery, people and sun! Everyone including Simon enjoyed the moment in the park =) As for me I like to capture some precious moments that's happening in the park during this Olympic Season. I found that there are so many babies and future Olympians hanging out at this place. I guess he could be a good golfer in future haha Trust me, the park is a good place to spot all the beautiful people here. Check out my Facebook for more photos!! Of course, don't forget to get a photo of yourself at the park

London Live Broadcast London 2012 Olympic Games @ Hyde Park

I was so excited when we made our way to Hyde Park for the live broadcast of London 2012 Olympic Games!! Check out the HUGE crowd queuing up to enter the area. Thanks to Samsung for the ticket as we managed to use a faster route to go into the venue. The crowd of people heading into Hyde Park to watch the Live Broadcast of London 2012 Olympic Games and the other renown artists' performance. The weather turned gloomy while waiting for the live broadcast to start. There was a band already performing at that time and it was fun to see the crowd singing along. =) Spotted a Samsung PIN located at the venue itself. The booth had all the latest models that you can try your heart out while waiting for the live telecast. We were welcomed by sweet and friendly Samsung Personnels  =D See something interesting here? *aren't I smart? Hahaha* There were many mini games that you can join. You can walk away with one of the 49 different designed Samsun

Samsung Global Blogger @ Chelsea Football Club for Torch Relay!

Hohoho! This will be the blog post of my London SGB journey ( Day 1)  together with other talented Samsung Global Bloggers! We all collected our SGB uniform yesterday and now we are all in blue!! *proud* Early in the morning after breakfast, we were divided into several teams and mine is call "Triplle Threat" !! Together with Simon Roth (Austria) and Maya (Australia) as my teammates. It was great that  we can finally meet all the Samsung Global Bloggers here at London and also the judges!! Judges of SGB and the emcee. Mark is really tall!! So this morning, we went to Chelsea Football Club for our very first workshop assignment and to meet the judges. It was nice to finally meet Mark Foster, Amy Williams, Paul Steele and Zoe Palmer here. You must check out Samsung Global Blogger website to check out if my face appeared there~ Welcome from Samsung Global Blogger London 2012! All of us were separated into 4 teams to produce the most creative and inter

Ming Ren Restaurant Lamb Specialties @ Highlands Hotel

Harlo people, I hope you have already eaten before continue to read my post =) Courtesy of Genting and Nuffnang , a few Highlanders (including me) were given a chance to experience the delicious Chinese Cuisine available at Genting Highlands, including a 2 days 1 night stay at Theme Park Hotel too! Thanks to Genting, we took a bus from Wisma Genting all the way up to Genting Highlands. It was a safe and comfortable ride. We head to Ming Ren Restaurant immediately after we arrived! Ming Ren Chinese Cuisine food tasting together with Wendy, Max and Daniel "Ming Ren is a gourmet restaurant that specializes in authentic Xinjiang-style cuisine and Chinese fine dining . Xinjiang literally translates into "New Frontier" or "New Boundary"; likewise, Ming Ren Restaurant is dedicated to opening up new frontiers in exquisite culinary experiences while pushing the boundaries of taste and luxury." A little sneak peek of the interior, that ca